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thick of itSwearing, confusion, back stabbing, power plays, an angry doctor, what more could you want in a show?

About: The Thick of It is a 2005-2012 show that follows the lives of the people who run the Social Affairs and Citizenship office of the British government. Characters that make an appearance range from ministers, personal assistants, civil servants, journalists, policy advisers, and the scene stealing Director of Communications, Malcolm Tucker.

Produced by the BBC, the show is an excellent mix of political intrigue, departmental stress and chaos. Actor, Peter Capaladi, known as the twelfth and current Doctor from Doctor Who, absolutely shines in the show. The show has since its inception spanned over four seasons and a movie, the HOB show Veep is even set within the The Thick of It world.

Why: The show has always been on my ‘To Watch’ list but the trail of Stan had the show, so I thought I would give it ago.thick_of_it_malcolm

Best Bits: Malcolm Tucker. Literally every scene he is in is a gem.

Thoughts so far: Due of the show being based on British politics, I feel that a fair amount goes over my head, especially in regards to slang and cultural knowledge, however I am loving the political intrigue and twists and turns of the show.

I have just finished Part 1 of the specials and cannot wait to start Part 2!

Small Snippet of August

Small Snippet Aug

There are far too many things in the world that catch my eye and enjoy to write a post about each of them. So here I offer you the first in a (hopefully) monthly post that offers you a small snippet of a few things that I have enjoyed and want to share. I hope you read and enjoy.


Veep-Season-3-Poster-HBO2The HBO comedy, Veep, now in its third season is a lovely surprise. The show follows the life of Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), the (fictional) Vice President of the United States and the events surrounding her staff and career.

The humour and wit of the writing coupled with the outstanding performances of Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale (a favourite of mine), make Veep a pleasure to watch. I have only just finished the second season of the show and look forward to following the continued career of the lady Vice-President.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this show to anyone who likes an involved story mixed in with some political intrigue and laughs. Also fans of BBC’s The Thick of It could find themselves enjoying the toned down similarities of Veep.

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