A perfect rose for Valentine’s Day

Dorothy Parker is one of my all time favourite poets and this, One Perfect Rose, is one of my favourite poems. The way in which the poem sets up the beauty of the rose and the love held within it, is offset by the ponderings of the limousine, which makes the poem a beautifully bitter-sweet one. The offhand almost blasé way in which Dorothy writes is both refreshing and humourous. I would highly recommended anyone to find and devour any of her work!

With that I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a lovely day filled with lovely love and don’t forget the 15th of February is Cheap Flower Day! So get out there and buy some drastically reduced flowers!

Valentine’s Day

AshleighBrilliant PS66 Border

To celebrate the day of loving, I thought I would share a postcard or ‘pot shot’ from the aptly named, Ashleigh Brilliant. I hope you enjoy the pot shot, explore more of Ashleigh Brilliants work and have a lovely day filled with lovely love.

Happy Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day here is my favourite love poem:

Love Song

If I could write words

Like leaves on an Autumn forest floor

What a bonfire my letters would make.

If I could speak words of water

You would drown when I said

‘I love you.’

-Spike Milligan.

Personally, it is the beautiful and morbid imagery of drowning the person you love with your words that makes this poem stand out. Spike Milligan was pretty messed up but boy, could he write a poem.