T2: Banana Bake

Once again we return to my love of tea. In previous posts I have discussed specific brews as well as my general appreciation of tea; this post will look at the T2 Banana Bake tea. As the name implies the tea is one that centres on a banana flavour, with the flavour being one reminiscent of banana bread. The T2 website describes the tea as:

‘Robust black tea with hints of vanilla and banana take you away to a picture perfect winters day, all snuggled up with a cuppa and munching on a warm loaf of banana bread.’

The flavours of Banana Bake are very robust and dynamic. Whereas other flavoured teas often have a subtle flavour, banana is at the very centre of this teas taste.

There are a number of ways to enjoy the tea, ranging from black, iced to a mixed blend. T2 offers the suggestion that the tea can be enjoyed both black and with milk, however there are a few other variations. One such is a lovely iced tea reminiscent of banana paddle pops can be created by simply adding a small amount of vanilla essence to an iced batch.

The tea was only available in stores for a short time and I am also unsure as to whether or not the tea will be re-stocked. So in a way this post is a very teasing one in that this marvellous brew may be no longer available for purchase.

Banana Bake is a very versatile tea that offers drinkers a range of ways in which to enjoy its flavour. One thing can be certain though, Banana Bake is a very a-peel-ing tea.

T2: Creme Brulee

Having first discussed my love of tea a year ago and with Autumn once again around the corner, I thought I would discuss of one of my favourite teas.  Crème Brulee from the Australian teashop T2, is both delicious and heartening. The T2 website describes the tea as:

“A silky, decadent sweet treat. Velvety vanilla plays with caramelised hazelnuts in a gorgeously golden brew. An intense aroma enhances a refined and delicate infusion. Creamy and dreamy, this buttery caramel delight sings the song of after-dinner contentment.”


This description is one that suits the tea to a tee (see what I did there). The flavours and aromas of the Crème Brulee tea are wonderful and so aromatic. Similar to that of a chocolate flavoured black-tea, Crème Brulee offers a robust flavour, with the lingering aftertaste one of sweetness.

Much like its dessert counterpart, I find the best time for this tea is during the evening. Whether it is relaxing with a book, TV, movie or any other relaxing past time, Crème Brulee is a lovely companion to contentment.

While not being too overly sweet, Crème Brulee is a tea reminiscent of its namesake; namely it is a decadent yet homey treat.  Great with either milk or without, Crème Brulee proves to be a perfect winter night treat. Crème Brulee is a tea that is both comfortable and luxurious, one that while evoking images of a gourmet desert , fits in right at home in any kitchen.