Five Poems That Changed My Life

(Inter)national Poetry Month

Poetry has the power to move people; it can speak to us, can convey emotions, and make us feel.

Poetry has the power to change people; it can make us see things differently, change how we feel, and force us to confront emotions.

Poetry has power.

Whatever your feelings are on poetry, whether you think its frivolous, tough to understand, or an amazing way of communicating human emotions, it can have a lasting effect on readers.

Across the week I will be posting five poems that, since reading them, have changed me and my life. The poems are ones that have, in one way or another, had an affect on me,  have changed how I feel, and have floated around in my brain in the years since reading them.

Some of the poems are funny, some of them are a little bit morbid, and some of them have given me strength in trying times.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day here is my favourite love poem:

Love Song

If I could write words

Like leaves on an Autumn forest floor

What a bonfire my letters would make.

If I could speak words of water

You would drown when I said

‘I love you.’

-Spike Milligan.

Personally, it is the beautiful and morbid imagery of drowning the person you love with your words that makes this poem stand out. Spike Milligan was pretty messed up but boy, could he write a poem.