Comfort Zone Challenge: Audio Book

Comfort Zone Challenge - music

I am going to start off my saying that I have kind of cheated in the first month of my Comfort Zone Blogger Challenge. For my music selection I decided that I was going to go outside my comfort zone and try an audio-book – emphasis on the audio 😛 . As opposed to a theme or topic, I decided to mix it up (on my first month 😛 ) and mess with the media format. Continue reading “Comfort Zone Challenge: Audio Book”

Poetry Rundown

(Inter)national Poetry Month

Since we’ve made to the last week of the (Inter)National Poetry Month, I thought I would give you a quick run down on all my favourites things about poetry. So enjoy.

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How to Read a Poem

(Inter)national Poetry Month

As I have a whole months worth of posts planned all about poetry, I thought I would offer everyone an instructional post about how to read a poem. If you follow the below instructions, you’ll be reading and absorbing poetry in no time!

1. Find a poem.

Whether you find this poem online, in a book, or written in the stars, it does not matter. (It should be noted that obviously not the last one, if you look for literal poetry in the stars you will have a very hard time finding anything good, as the stars rarely produce anything worth reading 😛 ) All that matters is that you find a poem that you want to read.

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(Inter)National Poetry Month


April is National Poetry Month in America and since I am a big fan of poetry, I thought I’d celebrate as well.

So ignoring the National part of the National Poetry Month, this Australian will celebrate with a month long focus on poetry and all that it surrounds.

Keep an eye out for posts about how to read poetry, a fancy infographic, a selection of some of my most influential poems, and a run down of my all time favourites. In amongst all of this will also be a few mini reviews of some of the poetry books I’ll be making my way through over the course of the month (I may have been saving them for this 😛 )

Let’s get our poetry on (Inter)National style!

A perfect rose for Valentine’s Day

Dorothy Parker is one of my all time favourite poets and this, One Perfect Rose, is one of my favourite poems. The way in which the poem sets up the beauty of the rose and the love held within it, is offset by the ponderings of the limousine, which makes the poem a beautifully bitter-sweet one. The offhand almost blasé way in which Dorothy writes is both refreshing and humourous. I would highly recommended anyone to find and devour any of her work!

With that I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a lovely day filled with lovely love and don’t forget the 15th of February is Cheap Flower Day! So get out there and buy some drastically reduced flowers!

Pamela August Russell’s B is for Bad Poetry


The possession of Pamela August Russell’s collection of poems, B is for Bad Poetry, was the result of a last-minute addition to an amazon order. For the ridiculous price of $4 (plus a dreadful amount of shipping to Australia) I came to own this marvelous and surprising book of poetry.

B is for Bad Poetry is everything the title says it is not. From the first to the last page, each poem is one that inspires either a wistful sigh or warm chuckle. With sweetly sarcastic and borderline bitter moments, B is for Bad Poetry is one that doesn’t take life too seriously. Whether this is done by pointing out the light-heartedness of stressful moments such as a breakup (à la ‘Capitalism Can Fall Not Like I Fell For You’), or merely pondering the process of baked goods in Hell. (See ‘Betty Crocker’s Oven-Free Cookbook Tops the Bestseller List in Hell’)

Throughout the collection, however, is the motif of love gone awry. This feeling however is not one typical to the genre and is dealt with in often obscure and imaginative ways. The sheer brilliance and distinct style of Russell’s can be seen the clearest in the below example. If you have are not a fan of poetry or anything of that ilk, I would highly recommend you give Russell a chance to sway your opinion, you will not be disappointed.


There’s an elephant

in the room.

He’s wearing your

favourite T-shirt,

cooked us a delightful

lasagna for dinner

and left a note

on the fridge that says,

“You should break up.”

I wonder what he wants?

-Pamela August Russell (2009, p. 81)

Happy Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day here is my favourite love poem:

Love Song

If I could write words

Like leaves on an Autumn forest floor

What a bonfire my letters would make.

If I could speak words of water

You would drown when I said

‘I love you.’

-Spike Milligan.

Personally, it is the beautiful and morbid imagery of drowning the person you love with your words that makes this poem stand out. Spike Milligan was pretty messed up but boy, could he write a poem.