Towel Day

toweldayTo commemorate the late Douglas Adams, each year on the 25th of May, people across the globe celebrate Towel Day. The premise of the day is simple, in order to follow the wise words of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, simply carry a towel with you.


For a whole day.

Towel Day is a way to show your appreciation for not only Douglas Adams but also because it is a universally know fact that a towel is the most important thing that an intergalactic hitchhiker can own. It is important to follow in the example of Ford Prefect and always ‘know where your towel is.’

So on the 25th of May, find your favourite towel, dust off your dressing gown, and embrace the British by having a cup of something ‘not entirely unlike’ tea.

Just whatever you do, stay away from Pangalactic Gargle Blasters.