Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

PokemonTCG_Online_Logo-600x383Despite having numerous Pokemon cards as a young child, I was one of the people who collected the cards only to find my favourite Pokemon. The fact that some of the cards were very pretty and colourful may have also had something to do with my collecting them. So it is as an adult that I have come to actually play the Pokemon Trading Card Game (or Pokemon TCG).

The free-to-play game is one that follows the rules of normal pokemon card battles. I won’t go into detail here, mainly because there are so many but I will say that the website has a very detailed tutorial section for all the novices such as myself. Like most free to play games there are aspects were you can pay, however these come in the form of purchasing actual Pokemon cards. If you wish to get a better deck than the one received when you first start to play the game, then you simply have to purchase special card packs were you can scan or type in a code and receive the same cards online.

I will be the first to admit that I am not the best at the game but after winning a few games and creating my own deck, I have been swayed. The Pokemon TCG has my attention.

There are numerous ways in which you can play the Pokemon TCG. You can play against computerised trainers, have battles with other players in either ranked or practice matches, or battle your friends. In addition to this there are daily tournaments (although I have yet to see an active one), card trading services, and a story mode of sorts where you can battle pre-existing trainers. In addition to this you receive perks for each day you sign on, with perks ranging from card booster packs, money to be spent in the shop and tournament points.

If you have always wanted to play a game online but are afraid that your computer would not be able to handle it, or if you are simply not that skilled at playing combat games, then Pokemon TCG offers you the chance to slowly learn the game and choose the level at which to play yourself. If you do decide to give it a go, send a friend request to allvce, who knows we could play a game together. I promise to go easy, if you do too.