Nope Tropes

In this blog I have previously talked about Nope Tropes*.

I define Nope Tropes are being things that make your shy away or stop interacting with something. Most of the time these somethings will be movies, books, TV shows, music, podcasts, or anything that you interact with on a entertainment level.

Nope tropes can be all sorts of things. They can be:

spongebob nope

  • Story telling devices.
  • Character archetypes.
  • Character traits.
  • Plot devices.
  • Stereotypes.
  • Quotes, references, or writing styles.

Honestly they could be pretty much anything.

My two Nope Tropes are:

  • Second person. Are soon as I see, you, you’re, or your used as a way to address the reader, I am done. No thanks. Bye.

I am sure that there are novels out there that have successfully used the POV in amazing ways, but they’re just not for me. I like to read a story and experience it as it happens, not be told how it happens. I am not your audience, I am a reader. I suppose it is a more literal interpretation of the ‘show don’t tell’ adage but I seriously cannot stand seeing it used.

  • Cheating characters in romance novels. If I am reading a romance novel and the character has sex with another character that isn’t the other romantic interest, I am done. 100%. Done.

Whenever I encounter a romance novel that does have a character cheat I immediately start to feel anxious and sick. I am sure this is a visceral reaction, whether in response to my intense abhorrence of infidelity or my stubborn wish to stay true to romantic tropes and story lines.

However, I wish to make the distinction between cheating and ‘non-traditional’ romance novels. It is a completely different story if the novel is one that features a polyamorous relationship or if a couple have sex with other people together. I am 100% okay with different sexualities and relationship types being represented in romance novels.

When I encounter the above two things in books, there is the almost guaranteed outcome of me putting the item down. I simply stop interacting with it. I am done. Continue reading “Nope Tropes”

Five Reasons to Stop Reading a Book

Ally's words of wisdomHave you ever put a book down and thought, why am I reading this? What possible reason do I have to keep reading? Why am I making such an effort for something I am not enjoying? Only to pick it back up and struggle onward to the end.

Well I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to finish the book. It is okay to want to stop reading something. Not every single book that you read is going to be one you enjoy – it is okay to put the book down.

Abandon it, I say!

All jokes aside, the below list contains five reasons to stop reading a book. Think of them as warning signs that on your journey through a book, might indicate to you that hey, you might not want to finish this book.

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