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Curing people one terribly managed hospital at a time.

About: Theme Hospital is a hospital management, simulation game. Players are given objectives and have to cure, manage, and make enough money to pass each level.

The game lets you mange a hospital by creating rooms, hiring employees, researching disorders, making money, and most of all, curing patients. The game has a fixed view camera that sometimes is an issue to navigate around but the seemingly simple game is very fun.

Why: Origin has the game as a free download for all PC gamers.*

Best Bits: The Bullfrog Productions developed game is indicative of the EA brand, that is, it is full of weird humour. Most of this humour can be found in the descriptions of disorders, employee descriptions, and the PA announcements.

T930.0x524.0houghts so far: While the game has the simple graphics from 1997, the game play is what keeps me coming back. Although it may be a tad off putting with the blocky graphics, it is still nevertheless entertaining.

I am enjoying the challenge of of trying to beat my ten year old self and get past the earthquake stage.


*As of writing this post.

Cards Against Humanity

222Lets start out by stating that Cards Against Humanity is a disgusting, rude and offensive game. Coincidentally it is all of these qualities that make the game such a hilarious time.

At the start of the game, players are given 10 white cards that have phrases on them. These phrases range from people like ‘Stephen Hawking talking dirty,’ to actions such as, ‘actually taking candy from a baby’ to just statements like ‘being awesome at sex.’ The person who is chosen to start the game (the Card Czar) takes a black card and reads the statement, which contains a blank word. The remaining players then have to consult their white cards and chose one that fits the card. The cards are then placed face down in front of the Card Czar, who then proceeds to read out the sentence with the white cards inserted. After reading out the answers to the question, the Card Czar then picks their favourite.

This is where the strategy comes in, as in order to win the round you must choose cards that the person would be most likely to pick. There may be a person who always picks the most obscure or obscene answer. There may be people who are practical and pick the answer that makes the most sense. Or there may be people, who like me, pick the answer that made them laugh the most. There is no definite way of winning Cards Against Humanity, as the game is one that encourages remixing and different modes of play.

When I have played the game it has been the first to 10 points, however the rules do suggest playing towards a ‘happy ending’ where players construct a haiku and perform a dramatic reading.  A number of other playing styles are outlined in the rules as well as the game supplying numerous blank cards. Cards Against Humanity has a definite focus on having fun, with players being encouraged to explore new ways of playing.

There are so many questions and so many answer combinations out there, with each one appealing to different people. Cards Against Humanity seems to be a massively popular game at the moment, with Amazon constantly selling out of the game. However the makers of the game do offer a free version, where people can download the base game cards and print them off to play at home. The cards have also been fan translated into many different languages from Spanish, French, Italian, Pirate, German and many more.

After having played this game a number of times, my only piece of advice is to pick the people who you play with carefully, as nothing brings the game to a grinding stop more than someone getting offended or not refusing to get into the swing of the game. With the wide range of ways in which you can play the game, Cards Against Humanity is a game that is never boring.