TonyMoly: Red Appletox Honey Cream

AppletoxThe Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey Cream is not only a lovely face cream but it is also gorgeous. The design of the container is one that is not only adorable but is a delight to display. The consistency of the cream itself is one that has more of a gel-like feel.

With the stated intentions of hydrating skin and returning a youth look to skin, the Appletox Honey Cream is one that manages to do both. Unfortunately my skin type is one that is easily dries out, with this becoming especially prominent after washing my hair. However after only one application of the Appletox Honey Cream my face almost instantly absorbs the cream and stops looking dried and flaky.

While certainly the texture of the cream is enjoyable and easy to apply, the Appletox Honey Cream comes with a applicator spoon. This spoon, which is located on top of the lid, is included for the more squeamish people who prefer not to directly handle thick liquids.

The texture of the cream is a nice smooth one and the yellowish colour seems remarkably suited to an apple. Coupled with this is the heavenly smell of the product. The lovely aroma and sweet smell apples is the first to hit the senses with an underlying hint of honey in the background.

Not only is the container incredibly cute but the scent of the cream is delicate and gorgeous. Additionally the cream is one that has a long shelf life, with almost a year and a half of use only using half of the cream. For any person who is looking for a hardy yet subtle face cream, the Tony Moly Appletox Honey Cream is the perfect solution.