DixitgameDixit is an absolutely beautiful card game with a twist. Instead of having set rules, point scoring is left in the hands of the players interpretive skills. The main point of the game is to choose a card, and then have the players guess your card, but with a few added quirks.

At the start of each game, players are given six cards. When a person is chosen to go first, they select a card that they wish to play and think of a term to describe it. The main focus of the game is in these ‘terms,’ which can consist of words, phrases, quotes, sounds, songs, random noises, or anything you can come up with. Once a term is uttered and the card put down, every other player then chooses one of their cards that they feel somehow matches this term.

The difficult part of Dixit is the scoring system, as players need think of a term that, once all the cards have been shuffled and laid out, is not blatantly obvious. The point of the game is to be subtle in your approach. If everyone can identify your card from what your descriptor, you do not receive any points. Alternatively if no one can identify your card then you also do not receive any points.

The real fun and difficulty of Dixit comes from playing the cards. The term, be it a vocal or physical interpretation of the card, needs to be both obvious and subtle. Where you may get a reference or quote of a film, others may not know the film and do have no idea what the term means. Where you may think you are being too subtle, the rest of the cards laid out, may easily identify your card. It can be quite fun to see the terms that are played, as well as the cards that are chosen to match.

With game play similar to that of Cards Against Humanity, Dixit is a game that stimulates the imagination through the choosing of terms. However, this unique game play is not the only charm of Dixit, the physical cards themselves are quite lovely. The artwork by Marie Cardoaut open up so many avenues of thought, with their beautiful and oddly ambiguous images. Where one card may be quite simple, others are very detailed; where one card may be quite straight forward, others can be quite perplexing.dixit-1

The mix of cards coupled with the imaginative freedom that the game offers you, makes Dixit not only enjoyable but re-playable.

If you are interested in Dixit, why not have a watch of Will Wheaton’s Dixit Tabletop episode.