Self Care Saturday: Personail


Personail is an online nail wrap company based in Sunny Sydney, Australia.

Design focused, and nail art aficionados, we’re and Australian company that offers you a hug range of 100% nail polish wraps to suit any occasion and style.

Think fun, fresh, and one-of-a-kind designs that will inject personal-ity into any day of the week or outfit.

Taken from the Personail site.

Since a Personail stall at Supanova Sydney in 2018, I have been hooked. The nail polish wraps that are available from Personail are not only beautiful and hella professional but some are incredibly geeky ❤

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Small Snippet of April

Small Snippet april

Once again we find ourselves with a large gap in between posts, and once again I offer the same excuse. I’m just so tired. Due to this posts often get put so way behind on my priorities, but fret not you’ll get random posts.

Last month was a bit of a blur for me but there were some stand outs amongst the noise.

Sia – This is Actingsia

I have always been aware of Sia, especially her early work within Australia, however her last album and this new one have grabbed my attention. Where 1,000 Forms of Fear was a evolution of her personal style, This is Acting is Sia hitting her mark. The album is solid from start to end, I can say that I am a fan of every song on the album and often find myself sneaking a headphone in and listening to it at work.

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The Body Shop: Strawberry Body Polish

The Body Shop‘s ‘Strawberry Body Polish‘ is a sweet smelling, exfoliating polish that can used in the shower everyday. It also smells amazing, feels great, and is an absolute joy to use. The Body Shop website describes the body polish as:

Have good, clean fun and smooth skin at the same time thanks to this fragrance foaming gel-based scrub that’s gentle enough to use everyday. Contains Community Fair Trade organic honey and Natural strawberry extract to moisturise and condition. 

bodypolishThe polish does all this and more. First off, the smell is of the body polish is, quite obviously, that of strawberries. However the honey within the product makes the scent much more sweeter and somehow deeper.

After the scent of the product, it is the texture of the body polish that wins you over. The polish is quite thick with small kiwi seeds mixed throughout the gel. These, coupled with the exfoliating nature of the gel, mix to create a truly wonderful experience.

Priced at $11.95 (AUD) the body polish is a tad expensive for 200 ml. However, I have found that this cost is offset by the small amount of gel needed to create a sizable lather. I have had my body polish for two months now and at writing this have used only half of the gel. However, I do realise that this all comes down to personal preference and that we each all use things or amounts differently.

For the environmentally minded, all of The Body Shop’s products are vegetarian and do not test on animals. The body polish additionally does not include microplastic beads and in a statement released by The Body Shop, states that they are in the process of phasing out the use of microplastics or polyethylene completely.

Overall The Body Shop’s ‘Strawberry Body Polish’ is a wonderful product. Whenever I use this I absolutely enjoy the experience both in and out of the bathroom. In addition to all of this the wonderful strawberry scent lingers for a while afterwards. If you find yourself walking past The Body Shop, I strongly urge you to pop in an have a smell of the sample ‘Strawberry Body Polish,’ you won’t regret it!

TonyMoly: Red Appletox Honey Cream

AppletoxThe Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey Cream is not only a lovely face cream but it is also gorgeous. The design of the container is one that is not only adorable but is a delight to display. The consistency of the cream itself is one that has more of a gel-like feel.

With the stated intentions of hydrating skin and returning a youth look to skin, the Appletox Honey Cream is one that manages to do both. Unfortunately my skin type is one that is easily dries out, with this becoming especially prominent after washing my hair. However after only one application of the Appletox Honey Cream my face almost instantly absorbs the cream and stops looking dried and flaky.

While certainly the texture of the cream is enjoyable and easy to apply, the Appletox Honey Cream comes with a applicator spoon. This spoon, which is located on top of the lid, is included for the more squeamish people who prefer not to directly handle thick liquids.

The texture of the cream is a nice smooth one and the yellowish colour seems remarkably suited to an apple. Coupled with this is the heavenly smell of the product. The lovely aroma and sweet smell apples is the first to hit the senses with an underlying hint of honey in the background.

Not only is the container incredibly cute but the scent of the cream is delicate and gorgeous. Additionally the cream is one that has a long shelf life, with almost a year and a half of use only using half of the cream. For any person who is looking for a hardy yet subtle face cream, the Tony Moly Appletox Honey Cream is the perfect solution.