Comfort Zone Challenge: Battle Creek (2015)

Comfort Zone Challenge - TV

Second Last Month!

For this month’s challenge, I decided that I would try and tackle a television police show. I’m not the biggest fan of police procedurals or any type of crime show, so I had to try and find something that I would like but also still challenge my comfort zone. So immediately dismissing Brooklyn 99 as an option (because I love that show) I tried to find something that was both gritty and funny.

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Comfort Zone Challenge: Get Out (2017)

Comfort Zone Challenge - Get Out

Almost Over!

I was naughty and didn’t post last month, the main reason why was because I really struggled with this (and last months) challenge. I failed the first time so I figured I would give myself another month to try… I failed again.

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Comfort Zone Challenge: Western (Pinkerton Man Series by C.J. Baty)

Comfort Zone Challenge - 3Half way there! 

This month I challenged myself to try the Western genre. My thoughts on the Western genre are somewhat limited to John Wayne, the knowledge my Grandad liked them, and the fact that they’re the old man version of Mills and Boon books.

So with that in mind I, once again, tried to find something that was of the genre but something that I would enjoy. So by some incredible stoke of luck I found a book while shelving that was both a Western and a gay romance!

So, happy Comfort Zone Pride Month!

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Comfort Zone Challenge: Red Wine


Comfort Zone Challenge - Music and wine

I’m going to start off by saying that I like wine. I like wine. However, I like my wine sweet and white. I tend to favour Moscato or sweet sparkling wines. Do not give me any of these bitter, dry, or crisp wines. Sweet and bubbly all the way.

Which is why, I thought I would try something different, something I turn my nose up at, but admittedly not continued to taste: Red wine.
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Comfort Zone Challenge: Audio Book

Comfort Zone Challenge - music

I am going to start off my saying that I have kind of cheated in the first month of my Comfort Zone Blogger Challenge. For my music selection I decided that I was going to go outside my comfort zone and try an audio-book – emphasis on the audio 😛 . As opposed to a theme or topic, I decided to mix it up (on my first month 😛 ) and mess with the media format. Continue reading “Comfort Zone Challenge: Audio Book”

Comfort Zone Blogger Challenge

Hi Everyone,

During the time that I have been blogging, I have participated in a few challenges that I’ve set up for myself. My previous posts concerning my self-created Book Bingo card, were some of the funner and more rewarding posts that I have created. With this in mind I created the Comfort Zone Challenge.

What is this challenge I hear you ask?

I designed the Comfort Zone Challenge to give me that little push outside of my comfort zone. A lot of things in life change and often when we push ourselves we can be surprised by the results. With this in mind, the Comfort Zone Challenge allows me to identify aspects of my life that I dislike or that make you uncomfortable, and then face them head on.

By confronting your fears and experiencing them across a variety of medias, you can give yourself the opportunity to grow as a person…or reaffirm your hatred of something.

The Comfort Zone Challenge, is that for each month over the next six, I get to pick something that I don’t really like and pick a way in which I will interact with it. When I select an ‘uncomfort’ I can choose to interact with this through either a film, music, television show, book, activity, or something of my own selection.

For example, I really dislike zombies so I could potentially challenge myself to watch a well received zombie TV show like The Walking Dead.

The idea behind this, is that by challenging myself to engage in something I tend to avoid, I expose myself to something that may challenge my perspective and opinion. By watching The Walking Dead, I may discover that I do enjoy the show and that I can handle the otherwise horror inducing zombies.

The trade off with this challenge is that, despite stepping outside of my comfort zone, I may still dislike and recoil in horror at the sight of running zombies. If I find that I really cannot handle something, then I do get one free pass, where I can chicken out.

By confronting your fears and experiencing them across a variety of medias, you can give yourself the opportunity to grow as a person…or reaffirm your hatred of something. My hope, however, is that  maybe over the years, I have matured and end up enjoying some of the things that I previously disliked.

If you find yourself enthralled by my challenge, then you are more than welcome to participate. All I ask is that you acknowledge my blog and that you link back to my site. If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate ask and leave a comment below.

Comfort Zone Challenge

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