Confessions of a Book Lover – I pick books because of their covers

My name is Ally and I 100% pick books because of their covers.

I am comfortable admitting that I am fickle and can be won over or put off by a book cover. Not going to lie either – the prettier the cover the more likely I am to read the blurb.

As I work in a profession where I am literally surrounded by books day in and day out – I feel pretty justified in my fickleness. After all, I see hundreds of covers a day, thousands in a week – you have to have something good to catch my eye.

So I apologise to all the books I have not read because of boring covers. No not blame me, blame my tendency to be drawn to shiny things.

What do you think? Do you treat all books equally or are you drawn to pretty covers like me?

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Book Lover – I pick books because of their covers

  1. I will 100% pick up a picture book based on the cover. I will also pick a book up if it’s got a really nice cover design that isn’t just a photo. That’s not to say I don’t pick up those, but the other ones catch my eye a lot more. Which is probably the point…

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