2020 Goals Recap

Happy end of 2020!

So 2020 has been a huge shit show but hey, I’m healthy and safe. I am so happy that Australia is going as well as it has, especially considering I am still working my full hours. I hope everyone is staying safe and remember, you’re not superhuman – stay inside, wash your hands, and if you’re sick stay at home.

The below are some of the things I had hoped to achieve in 2020. What with the way that 2020 played out, a lot of these goals became unattainable. Any motivation to read or continue my two a week blogging schedule was comtopletely wipoed out by the pandemic – I’ve just been too tired and too overwhelmed by everything.

But having said this I am still proud to have achieved what I have this year and look forward to getting stuff done in 2021.


Until recently I had been staying pretty up to date with my ARC reviews but since COVID-19 hit, it has really been on the back burner. Sadly, I neglected my ARCs after the lockdown and did not request anymore after March.

After taking a month long hiatus in May, I returned with a reduced schedule of one post a week. I am happy to say that I have not missed a week and the relaxed schedule has led to be taking advantage of my inspiration but also being able to not panic when I don’t feel up to posting.


I have definitely read more non-fiction this year. If we count cook and craft books then I have really been hitting that genre hard! Recently I’ve read a bunch of mindfulness, self care, sustainability, and personal finance non fiction books, which have been nice easy reads.

Sadly I did not read The Folk of the Air series. After reading Tithe I was very motivated to continue on with the series and start Folk of the Air but sadly I read Valiant. The second book in the The Modern Faerie Tales series really demotivated me from reading further. I don’t want to say the book was bad but it is different, less engaging, and so quite uncomfortable to read. So sorry Holly Black, I probably won’t be returned to your work.

I read 10.5 of the 16 books in my Hopeful Reads of 2020 so I am counting that as a major success. Bring on next year!


I started Surviving Mars and the tutorials were so complicated and boring – so I stopped. I really need emotional engagement to really connect with games like this, certainly while the Tropico series is no less complicated, it does have the humour and story to pull you through.

Not progress on Mass Effect 3. I do need to sit down and dedicate a whole week or two to reemerge myself in the series. Also yay! I finished Pokemon: Sword!


Still slugging along on that house deposit. Sadly PAX was cancelled so I wasn’t able to get my geek on in Melbourne. Also double sadly there has been no movement on the blanket front as I am not in the mood to work on it or focus after work.

Hopefully 2021 is kinder to us all!

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