Thoughts on a 2021 Reading Challenge

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Ally Asks

In preparation for next year, I’m starting to think about what I’m going to do for my next reading challenge. I have really enjoyed my 12 Tropes of 2020 challenge and am looking forward to doing something similar in 2021.

Looking back at the posts that I have done the 12 square template has been a lot less stressful than my previous Book Bingo attempts so I am thinking of sticking with that format. I am on the fence about the theme of the challenge though.

I very much enjoy reading romance novels and the majority, if not all of my 12 Trope posts have been from the romance genre. Also since I enjoy the genre so much, should it be focused solely on historical romance? So I am considering focusing down on the romance genre but I am unsure if I should continue to pick tropes or if I should try and mix it up a bit with prompts like, Blank in the title or *this type of character.

The below are some of my current ideas:

  • Wallflower.
  • Beauty and the Beast.
  • Non-titled romantic lead.
  • and the obligatory Duke, Marquess, Earl, titles.

Buuuut having said this, I really enjoy reading diverse books, so should I be looking at a diversity challenge to make sure that I am always striving to read broadly – especially in a genre which can be quite whitewashed.

Prompts like:

  • Bisexual representation.
  • Disability representation.
  • Indigenous character.
  • Biracial representation.
  • and a whole range of representation from characters and backgrounds.

But having said this, when I put all of these diverse things down, it makes it feel a bit trite because I should be reading these things anyway. I shouldn’t need a challenge like this to make sure that these representations are included in books or in my reading list.

So I’m putting it to you, do you have any suggestions? Honestly I’m tempted to either make two challenges or mix them all up and have a very interesting historical romance challenge.

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on a 2021 Reading Challenge

  1. I can’t believe where are the point in the year when we need to look forward and decided what our goals are for next year. Where did this year go?

    I really like the idea of the historical romance bingo board! I think you could mix all of the prompts up making it a little harder for yourself, but still achievable within the genre. That way you get to play around with all the prompts.

    After reading some stuff about diversity challenges and prompts upholding and being microagressions, I’m going to make an effort moving forward to not include them as a challenge. As you pointed out, we should be reading these books already, without being prompted to do so. You do really well at reading so broadly (and always have done so) so maybe keep it to a mix of 6 historical tropes and 6 mismatched prompts (i.e. blank titles etc like you gave examples of)? Then you get the best of both worlds!

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    1. Omg thank you, Jess! That is such great advice ❤️

      Oh goodness, I had never considered that before, that the prompts were microagressions but I totally see that. I know I can do better at reading more own voices authors. I’m going to do as you say and not include them.

      Thanks so much for the feedback!

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