12 Tropes of 2020 – The Alpha’s Warlock by Eliot Grayson

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12 Tropes of 2020

The two characters often have a long history of conflict with each other. They may be on opposite sides of a struggle, or may have just met under unfortunate circumstances and their personalities clashed.

Taken from Fanlore.

The Alpa’s Warlock
by Eliot Grayson

Cursed, mated, and in for the fight of their lives…

Warlock Nate Hawthorne just wants a cup of coffee. Is that too much to ask? Apparently. Because instead of precious caffeine, all he gets is cursed by a pack of werewolves who want to use him for his magic. Now the only way to fix the damage is a mate bond to a grumpy and oh-so-sexy alpha in the rival pack, who happens to hate him. This is so not how he wanted to start his day.

Ian Armitage never intended to take Nate as his mate. The Hawthorne family can’t be trusted. Ian knows that better than anyone. The fact that he’s lusted after the way-too-gorgeous man for years? Totally irrelevant. Ian’s just doing what is necessary to protect his pack. This whole mating arrangement has nothing to do with love and never will. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

Nate and Ian will have to work together if they have any hope of staving off the pack’s enemies and averting disaster. That’s assuming they can stop arguing (and keep their hands off each other) long enough to save the day…

The Alpha’s Warlock is an explicit M/M paranormal romance featuring a snarky warlock, a brooding alpha werewolf, knotting, enchanted socks (long story), and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Taken from book blurb

My thoughts

I tend to steer away from books with ‘Alpha’ in the title but the blurb on this book was too good to pass up. From the first chapter to the end I was enamoured with the two characters Nate and Ian.

As with most enemies to lovers books, there is a painful backstory that colours the romantic pairs past and while not completely discussed in the book it, this backstory peppers the text. Certainly I would have enjoyed a moment where the pair sat down and really talked about their history and their emotions but sadly the book is action packed and their are very few quiet moments.

The Alpha’s Warlock is my first book by Eliot Grayson but it will not be the last, I was pulled in quickly by their writing style and though I am not the biggest fan of first person, I was able to read and enjoy the book. While the story is certainly an action packed journey, the characters of the book are what drew me in. I would love to see more of Nate and Ian and look forward to the sequel (featuring new characters) sometime this year.

The Trope

While it isn’t a trope I read a lot of, there is just something appealing about the banter and personality clashes that are so common to the trope that really gets to me. While you can go quite dark with this trope, I find that the longer the book the better the trope can be realised.

My favourite books of this trope often feature slow builds that see characters work through their animosity and come to begrudgingly respect the other as they learn to like and then love one another. Some of the best banter can come from the unresolved sexual tension of romantic pairs and often I find that I cannot put an enemies to lovers book down.

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