Small Snippet of August 2020

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks is everything I had hoped it would be! The show is funny, beautifully canon, and full of adventures within the lower ranks of Star Fleet. I refuse to give any negative words about this show any time of day because for once, Star Trek i leaning into it’s fun side.

The humour has always been present in the show but it is great to see a series finally grip it with both hands and produce something that is entertaining and fun. I would recommend that even the most die hard and anti-cartoon Star Trek fans watch at least one episode of this show. Give it a go!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

I’ve had FE: Three Houses for a while now and have finally gotten around to playing it. I’m about 20 hours into the story and while I’ve only ever played FE: Fates before, I’m not too impressed yet. I have been told thta the story does hit a major turning point but I’m just not feeling the story. Maybe it’s because of the focus on the church which has me turned off.

I’ll keep slogging through and hopefully next time we talk, the game will have improved.


Milky Bath

I purchased this beautiful Reusable Bubble Bottle around four months ago and it is on it’s last legs after seven baths. Similar to a bubble bar, you hold Milky Bath underneath the tap and watch as the bath slowly fills with bubbes.

The water is a lovely milky white which after use made my skin feel so soft. The scent is also so subtle and soft, the bonus is that it does linger on your skin hours after use. Selling for $17AUD, Milky Bath is value for money as you do get multiple baths out of the one product.

I’m hoping Milky Bath sticks around because I really enjoyed this easy to use product!

Quick comment

I am getting so tired and frustrated at work.

So please, if the shop that you enter has restrictions or if you have to do something to enter, please don’t give the person at the door shit. They are just doing their job and the abuse you hurl at them adds up, especially since you are not the only person to call them names or make a production of following directions.

It is getting increasingly difficult to turn up to work and be polite during these outbursts.

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