Small Snippet of July 2020

As always I am still at work, sometimes working with the public can be quite trying and reopening with strict safety guidelines has been especially trying. Please everyone, if there are entry requirements, don’t argue with the person enforcing them at the door; if they are the ones on the front line they did not have anything to do with making the rules.

So I hope everyone is staying safe and staying sane 😋

Plastic Free July

While I am not going the full slog of removing all of my plastic use, I have made a few changes and am trying to cut down on how much plastic I use. These changes have seen me start to use a shampoo bar which means I have not purchased any new shampoo bottles. I now have a bamboo toothbrush that after I have used it can recycle. I have also started to use a solid moisturiser.

All of these things have been surprising as I am enjoying them so much. The shampoo bar has done amazing things to my hair and I no longer have greasy hair two days after washing!

The Reading Rush 2020

The lovely Jess from The Never Ending Bookshelf brought The Reading Rush to my attention towards the end of June. As I was sick in bed I thought I would give it a go and boy, I got so much reading done! Check out my post about it and who knows, if I have the time I may take part in another Readathon.

The Fast and the Furious Movie Franchise

Ever since seeing Baby Driver in the cinemas, my partner and I have been saying we should watch get around to watching The Fast and The Furious Franchise, since we enjoyed the driving scenes so much. So at the start of the month we sat down and suffered through them.

Boy, that first movie sure is a product of the 90s. It would NOT get made like that now. Especially with the homophobic slur right at the start of the film. I mean, WTF. As the movies went on, I will admit, they got better. The films changed from being about street racing to just being straight up action films and I will happily admit that I cried so much at the end of Furious 7.

I’m still waiting to watch The Fate of the Furious and am looking forward to seeing what the story of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw could possibly be. Either way it’s been fun watching the films and just tearing them to shreds.


Golden Handshake

No link this time as this item is leaving the Lush shop soon.

As I couldn’t go into the store to find my next soap or bath bomb, I got to spend far too long online filling my basket with Lush goodies. One of my lucky finds was the Golden Handshake which is a hot hand mask. Pretty much you boiled the solid cream, mixed it until it was thick, and then soaked your hand in it for as long as you could.

The product was okay, it felt really nice and soft but soon after removing the mask, my hands felt quite dry. The real fun in this product came from the experience, it was quite fun squishing it all together and just feeling it cool around my hands. While this hasn’t been my favourite Lush product, it was on sale for quite cheap and was a fun bit of time I spent with my partner during this rough lock down.

Since I am pretty much always including a Lush product in these posts, I thought I would just give in and let them their own little section.

Quick comment

The day that the iPhone SE 2020 was announced, I smashed my iPhone SE that I have had for five years. I was quite upset by this as I pretty much have my whole life on my phone. Also I was almost at the end of my book and had no way to read it as the screen was so smashed 😭

I am so lucky and am so thankful that the phone repair shop was open during this time as I was able to replace my screen quite cheaply. I will say that the day I went without my phone was horrible and I would not recommend it. I was thinking about the ending of the book I was reading all day and was HYPER aware that I would be screwed if my car died on the drive to work. Thank goodness it all worked out.

Favourite Posts of my Own from July

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