How I Broke Up with My Colon by Nick Seluk (The Awkward Yeti)

How I Broke Up with My Colon

by Nick Seluk; The Awkward Yeti

Fascinating, bizarre, and educational true-life medical stories retold in cartoon form by the creator of the bestselling Heart and Brain book series.

Mysterious illnesses. Freakish injuries. X-rays revealing something weird that got stuck in your foot. These strange but true stories are among the 24 medical tales retold in hilarious fashion by New York Times bestselling author/illustrator Nick Seluk. Featuring fascinating stories submitted by people all over the world, How I Broke Up with My Colon is an educational and highly entertaining tour through the bizarre workings of the human body.

Taken from book blurb

Release Date: March 24, 2020.

Length: 192 pages.

Series: Stand alone.

Genre: Graphic Novel.

Read as: an eBook.

Sourced: NetGalley.

My Thoughts

How I Broke Up With My Colon is different take on the short story/biographies format. Inside the graphic novel you will find funny medical stories illustrated by Nick Seluk who is better known as The Awkward Yeti.

The graphic novel is both funny and horrifying. I say horrifying, if only because some of the medical stories are ones that could happen to anyone 😱 Having said that though, a lot are very rare or ones that people have been dealing with since childhood.

I found How I Broke Up With My Colon to be quite entertaining! The book was one that I was able to quickly read as it had not only engaging content but as each story unfolded I found myself having to know more about these poor people.

If you’re a fan of The Awkward Yeti then I would definitely recommend you pick up a copy of this book. If not and you’re just looking at it thinking it looks like an interested read – it is and you should give How I Broke Up With My Colon a read!

Please note: I received a copy of How I Broke Up With My Colon from NetGalley.

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