Small Snippet of March 2020

Things have been a bit crazy this month, what with the pandemic and everything. In this time my work place has shut its doors to the public, if I weren’t holed up in bed, I would be at work doing a lot of busy work and manning the phones. Here are some of the things I have been enjoying while in self-isolation.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The newest Animal Crossing game came out on March 20 and I have been in Animal Crossing heaven since then! It hasn’t been the best of times for me as I have the sniffles so have stayed in bed pretty much each day since March 20, however I have had enough time and wits about me to enjoy the game immensely!

I was so incredibly excited for this game that I not only did an Anticipated Arrivals post about it but I also pre-ordered the very expensive Animal Crossing Switch Console… No regrets!

DuckTales (2017) Season 2

I finished season one of this jem back in May 2019 and I am finally returning to watch the second season. I have no idea why I waited so long because this show is just hilarious! There are references to the original show and also hilariously placed pop culture references where you wouldn’t expect them.

My lovely partner watched a few episodes with me and was shocked at just how much they laughed. All I could respond with was, I know, it’s funny. So glad that a season 3 is in the works!

DC Super Hero Girls Season One (2019)

This TV series is not only hilarious but it is hella empowering. The show sees some of the female DC Super Heroes join forces and work together all the while at being in high school. The show is a little typical in what it covers but it is no less entertaining! I escpially loved seeing all of the cameos of all the other charaeters!

Also shout out to the amazing Eartha Kitt era Catwomen in the show!

Knives Out (2019)

So amazing – I loved this film so much! I have no idea why this movie didn’t win any major awards, it was so well written, acted, and constructed! The cinematography was beautiful and some of the mise-en-scène was truly inspired! Honestly, the anxiety this movie makes you feel as you sit there hoping that hell the character you are rooting for doesn’t have anything bad happen to them or that they turn out to be the bad guy is intense!

I will say one thing about Daniel Craig – yes the accent did make me laugh but darn it, I forgot about it so quick because the intrigue of the story just pulled me in!


Avo Good Easter

Avo Good Easter is not only cute – hello, it is shaped like an avocado – but it smells so amazing. The soap reminds me of my very first Lush product which was a green bath bomb that was a special release in support of LBGTQ rights in Australia. I have always rememebered this product fondly, not just because it popped my Lush cherry, but becuase it was so awesome and smelt amazing.

Avo Good Easter has a definite citrus scent which despite the soaps shape, reminds me of limes. Not only does it smell nice but it lathers really well and has just enough glitter to be subtle for everyday, professional work environment life, but also glamorous enough to give you that extra boost for heavy days.

Since I am pretty much always including a Lush product in these posts, I thought I would just give in and let them their own little section.

Quick comment

Please stay inside!

I’s really important that everyone is mindful of their own health and safety by maintaining social distancing. Also as always, please if you are sick – stay at home 😷

Favourite Posts of my Own from March

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