Favourites of February

Happy end of February everyone! I’ve decided to step away from the Small Snippet format and try something different for my month wrap up post. Below you’ll see some of my favourites from February from a whole range of different mediums.

So welcome to my favourites of February and enjoy!

TV Show

The Good Place Final Season

Omgosh you guys! The final season was so perfect and amazing. I was watching this show on the edge of my seat as I had absolutely no idea where the story would go. From season one The Good Place has been such a wild ride! I feel in love with the characters and was constantly surprised by the directions taken by the narrative!

The last episode was a doozy and despite my many emotions, I was so happy to see it through. The Good Place has cemented itself as one of my favourite shows out there!


Sonic The Hedgehog (2020)

When I first saw the trailer for this movie in 2019 – I was horrified. Sonic looked horrible! Literally horrifying! I was so happy to hear that they were revamping the look of Sonic as this movie was quite good.

I’m not the biggest Sonic fan but it was great seeing all the little Easter Eggs scattered throughout the film! Also I really enjoyed Ben Schwartz as Sonic and Jim Carrey made for a pretty decent Dr Robotnik. While it didn’t follow any larger narrative of the Sonic lore, it was still quite entertaining and enjoyable to see the character on the big screen.


Blinding Lights by The Weeknd

I have apparently been living in a cave because until this song that I randomly saw while channel surfing, I had never heard of The Weeknd. I really dig the 80s feel of the song and just cannot stop listening to it!

Blinding Lights has led me back into my Retrowave playlists and I am not even mad. I love the old school sounds of the 80s but with modern production values. Just absolutely loving those Synthwave sounds.


Animal Crossing Switch Console

Okay so I know it’s not a game but I am SO pumped for not only the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons but for the new Animal Crossing themed Switch Console! You had better believe that the day after this baby was announced, I was out there preordering one of these beautiful babies!


Peachy Soap

I’ve just given in and given Lush it’s own section. I seem to always be raving about it, so here is my monthly Lush crush.

The Peachy soap was released as part of Lush’s Valentine’s Day promotion and boy, is it a real peach 🍑 The smell and texture are amazing! I also purchased the bath bomb and I would buy 20 of them just for the smell!

Also it’s shaped like a butt so win, win 😋

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