Quick Queer Reviews – LGBTQ+ Fantasy Romance

One of my absolute favourite genres is QUILTBAG fantasy romance novels. I am a sucker for the fantasy genre anyway but when you add in LGBTQ+ elements and a romance story – I am hooked and hooked good! I think the main draw card is that so many of the story do away with the historic homophobia of historical novels and instead tell stories of LGBTQ+ characters achieving great things and falling in love.

I have a spotted history with Scribd – I once loved it SOOO much but they changed their service. I could not handle the drop from unlimited books to 8 a month for the same price. However it has recently come to my attention that Scribd is back to the unlimited reads business model. So here are just a few of the books that I have read in my first month back on the service.

So, prepare yourself for just a few of the QUILTBAG fantasy romance novels I’ve read on Scribd. I won’t lie though, it’s mainly been from two authors 😋

LGBTQ+ Fantasy Romance

Demonica by Megan Derr

Life as a mercenary isn’t kind or easy, and Shale has lost much: one family, then another, one leg, one arm, one eye, and the love of his life when pain and medication left him disinterested in sex. The last thing he wants is to accept a job from his ex-lover’s mother, but the pay is too good to refuse, especially as it should be a relatively simple job

First paragraph of book blurb

I really liked this short fantasy romance as I really connected with the characters of the novel. I felt so bad for Shale who after having been attacked by a dragon, lost his arm, leg, eye, and due to the pain medication, lost his sex drive. To make this even worse, his partner dumped him as he couldn’t be in a relationship without a physical component.

Demonica was really short and but still made me cry for all the second hand angst 😢Just made the HEA all the more sweeter though.

A Trilogy of Knights by Megan Derr

Gotta love those short story anthologies that all interconnect. I don’t usually do but I just have a weakness of the ones Megan Derr writes. A Trilogy of Knights is a collection of three short stories that focus around knights and dragons, mages and sages, and princes from other kingdoms, and all of them were great to read.

I enjoyed this anthology so much, I am going to be purchasing this later on 😊

How to (Not) Train a Firecat by R. Cooper

The firecats of Dua are giant beasts with red-gold fur and lashing tails. They are also loving and loyal companions to the few they choose to serve. Every member of the royal House of Durii has a personal guard and a firecat to serve as a reminder of the greatness of their rule. After all, only the truly extraordinary would walk alongside a firecat. Only the truly extraordinary could.

First paragraph of book blurb

Oh wow! I really loved this book 🥰I’ve previously read R. Cooper’s Beings in Love series but for some reason never read more of her work. I feel very remiss at the moment because I have read a few now and they have all been so amazing!

The main character, River, absolutely made this book for me. The angst and self doubt of him just made me yearn for a happily ever after and Cooper did not disappoint. While the story is quite short, I never the less fell in love with the world and characters of How to (Not) Train a Firecat.

My Man Godric by R. Cooper

Bertie is just the king’s foolish, poetry loving, sometimes crossdressing brother. Useless in times of crisis, or so he tells himself. He is completely beneath the notice of someone like the country’s most famous general, Godric of the South. It’s too bad that he happens to be in love with Godric… and that with the entire country at stake, Bertie might be the only one who can save it.

Taken from book blurb

Okay so I thought that the lovely angst and self doubt from River in How to (Not) Train a Firecat was heartbreakingly sweet, well move over River because Bertie is here to claim your heart.

Bertie is the king’s bastard brother who is remarkably honest in his opinions and also happens to sometimes feel more comfortable in a dress. I say remarkably honest because Bertie has never skied away from declaring his love of the army general, Godric.

I loved Bertie and I loved how he pined for Godric even in amongst all of the drama of surprise attacks and war. I marked this book as five stars and know that I will be returning to this short but beautiful love story.

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