Long Lost Review: Chart Throb by Ben Elton

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Chart Throb

by Ben Elton.

Ben Elton is about to put the “real” back into Reality TV in his biting satire of one of today’s most popular cultural phenomena — the TV talent show.

95,000 hopefuls. Three judges. Just one winner.

And that’s Colin Simms, the genius behind the show.

Colin always wins, because Colin writes the rules. But this year, as he sits smugly in judgment on the mingers, clingers and blingers whom he has pre-selected in his carefully scripted “search” for a star, he has no idea that the rules are changing. The “real” is about to be put back into “reality” television, and Colin and his fellow judges (the nation’s favourite mum and the other bloke) are about to become ex-factors themselves.

From the best-selling author of The First CasualtyPopcorn, and Dead Famous comes Chart Throb. One winner. A whole bunch of losers.

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I have extremely vague memories of this book, however I always remember it fondly. While I could not tell you much about the plot, I do remember one character arch that has stuck with me ever since I put the book down.

Alert – Spoilers Ahead

One of the big players in Chart Throb is Colin, who is no doubt Simon Cowell caricature from their time on American Idol. The story line that I remember is that a female character refuses to have sex with him, as she doesn’t want to be another notch on his bedpost. Colin becomes obsessed with her – well maybe not obsessed but he peruses her and tries to win her over.

Throughout the novel it is a big will they/won’t they tension and right at the end, the female character decides that she believes Colin when he says he loves her and will still have these feelings for after they have had sex.

What stayed with me is that immediately after they are intimate, Colin releases that no, he doesn’t still have those feelings for her and promptly dumps her. It has stuck with me becuase it was such a twist but also such a true to character thing for Colin to do.

If you haven’t read Ben Elton before, he is a master of the unexpected but still so completed expected twists. The book is a tad outdated now, as the hype of the American Idol-esque shows is dwindling (never fully gone unfortunately) but still I remember it being an entertaining and expectation ruining book.

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