Book Bingo Update 11

I did it! It’s done. All 25 of these beautiful little squares have been marked off and read 🥰I’ve found this years Book bingo really challenging and enjoyed a lot of what I read for these squares.

While the traditional bingo card won’t be returning next year, keep an eye out in the coming week for my new reading challenge for 2020. Until then, enjoy my final books that finish off this years challenge!

Transgender Main character

A Matter of Disagreement by E.E. Ottoman

A Matter of Disagreement is a really cute story about two academics from opposing areas of study who as much as they want to hate each other, really enjoy the hell our of each others company.

I really enjoyed the story of these two characters as they tried to wrangle their professional feelings and work towards being friends. It was great seeing that romantic spark from the start and watching as the two tried so hard to at different times hate and like each other.

One of the characters is transgender however it is seamlessly worked into the story and is not used as a spoiler or big reveal. I really enjoyed how it was discussed amongst the two character and how the steam-punky world of the novel tackled both the social and medical aspects.


Faerie Riddles by Cassia Rose

I really enjoyed this novella by first time author, Cassia Rose. It was actually sad once I finished the book and found out that they don’t appear to be actively writing anymore.

Faerie Riddles was a really interesting read – the world caught my attention but what had me finishing the book in one go was the sweet slow-burnish romance between the two main characters, Alastar and Gadhar.

While not a typical Fae book, as in it didn’t feature the typical elven fae or Seelie court – it instead focused on the wildness of other fae creatures. I really loved the inclusion of riddles though, this was really cute and often left me scratching my head.

Western Romance

Winner Takes It All by R. Cooper

This one was the hardest for me to find and read – I originally wanted to read the western romance The Gunslinger’s Vow by of Amy Sandas but I couldn’t get past the first chapter. I don’t know why, I think I just find it hard to engage with content from this genre.

I’ve been reading a lot of R. Cooper books lately, okay replace reading with devouring, and really love their writing. When I saw that they not only had a western romance story and that it was a super short one, I knew I had found my western romance selection.

Winner Takes It All is a very short and sweet romance story. The characters are from a time where they cannot be together and discuss this in a roundabout way, so as not to be too overt. What I really liked about this short story was that even though it was historically accurate in the discussion of the legality and societal ideals around homosexuality, there was still the hopeful comment made about them growing old together in Paris.

Free Square!

The Ugliest Sweater by Gillian St. Kevern

Holiday themed read for the win!

The Ugliest Sweater was a really cute romance about Dan who has a truly hideous Christmas sweater. Enter Jake who thinks the sweater is the best thing he has ever seen.

The rest of the novella focuses on the pair as they get together and takes the steps towards making a serious commitment to each other. There always seems to be something that Jake is hiding and the tension and eventual pay off is well worth the read.

The Ugliest Sweater is an adorable mix of romance and a shared love of the Christmas spirit.

How is your book bingo going? It’s December, did you finish yours? Leave a comment and let me know 😊

4 thoughts on “Book Bingo Update 11

  1. Well done!! It may be December but I am giving myself until the 26th to meet my bingo goal because I need the time! I have 7 spots left because I have been super slack on the bingo front.


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