Small Snippet of November 2019

Pokemon Sword

Playing Pokemon on a big screen is amazing! For something that isn’t much of a game changer, it is a game changer for me. Usually playing Pokemon is such a individual thing, you’re looking down at a screen and to share in your adventure is to turn the screen away from yourself. With Pokemon Sword and Shield you can play on the big screen and watch as someone plays.

My partner and I are currently sharing the one console, and it is really great being able to watch them play the game and experience things in different ways than me. Especially since they chose the gross monkey starter, rather than the always superior water choice.

I say sharing but it seriously coming down to whoever wakes up first gets first dibs on the game 😋 Also how cute is the new Galarian Farfetch’d?!

Anything and everything Snow Fairy by Lush

I am addicted to this exclusive scent by Lush. Released twice a year, once in July and for a longer period over the end of year holiday period, Snow Fairy is an amazing scent that is used across multiple products.

I treated myself to a Snow Fairy gift box for my birthday and have been trying to ration my Snow Fairy magic. If you haven’t i would recommend popping in to a Lush shop and giving this exclusive scent a try!

Quick thoughts

I’m super hanging out for the start of December so I can start my advent calendars! I have two this years – one a cheap tea light one from Kmart and a luxurious (for me anyway) loose leave tea one from T2.

Update on my 2019 goals.

  • Play Tropico 6 – I have played even more of the game and am still in love ❤ I have a time or two struggled to complete missions but have needlessly powered through. I may or may not be taking it as a personal challenge to make sure I finish them ALL!
  • I am also VERY aware that I have so many goals on my list that I have either not started or am in no way going to finish 😅

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