Self Care Saturday: Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Oil

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moments Bath Oil by Lush

For a sweet, sweet bath there is a sweet, sweet treat and in this sweet, sweet bath take a sweet, sweet seat.

Let your troubles mmm…elt away, as skin is softened and soothed by shea butter, almond oil and calamine. And, if its bright yellow and pink sandwich of colours doesn’t bring to mind dolly mixtures, its candy floss scent surely will.

Taken from the Lush AU website.

Slowly my opinion of bath oils is changing for the better and it is all thanks to Lush. I first tried one in Polyamorous and Mmmelting Marshmallow Moments is just as mind changing as the first. Lush’s bath oils make my skin so soft, how could you not love that?

The scent of Mmmelting Marshmallow Moments reminded me so much of Lush’s bubble bar Candy Mountain which is so wonderful and literally reminds me of candy 🥰Even better the scent of the bath oil lingered on my skin for the whole of the day after the bath. I spent a day at work, constantly getting little hints at the beautiful scent and it really made my day better.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moments is a bath oil and comes with a product warning – namely that it is an oil and will melt 😋That is, Lush warns that bath oils ‘melt in a warm bath so during hot spells it may start melting before it reaches your bathroom – You have been warmed!‘ So if you live through sweltering summers like me, this is definitely an Autumn or Winter treat ❤

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