Book Bingo Update 10

Finish that TRILOGy

Looking For You (Lifesworn #3) by Megan Derr

The third book in the series, Looking For You, brings the Lifesworn series to a climatic end. The series is set in a fantastical world where in the first book, we follow a princess as she escapes her kingdom as her uncle usurps the throne. The two other books tell the stories of people close to Princess Shana and how they all ultimately work towards returning her to her kingdom and throne.

In each book the series explores a number of polyamorous relationships through incredibly different storylines. As per usual I am constantly in awe of the seamless way that Megan Derr creates worlds and lores within her work. However as always, the book could have stood to be given one last proofread before being published.

I really enjoyed Looking For You as well as the whole Lifesworn series, however if I had to pick, I would lean more towards the first two as the dynamics between the featured couples were way more engaging. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the romantic relationships in Looking For You, it’s just that one part of the trouple was kidnapped for 90% of the book, so there was a palpable absence in that romance.

Fairy Tale Retelling

Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman

An adaption of Snow White, Snow, Glass, Apples tells the classic fairytale from the point of view of the Wicked Queen. In the typical Gaiman style the story is told almost vaguely – with a detached and almost emotionless Queen watching the events around her.

Snow, Glass, Apples was a quick and morbid read. I really enjoyed how Gaiman twisted the classic tale into something so gothic and way more true to the harsh storytelling of the original Grimm Brothers story.

I will admit though, I did not technically read the addition shown or linked here. I instead read only the text story of the piece, however I am very intrigued by the graphic novel and would love the give it a read.


Blood Signs by Amber Kell

*rant ahead*

***do not read if you do not wish to read about the biphobia encountered in this book**

I really dislike putting negative opinions out there and especially on my blog but wow, so 23 pages into this book the main character blatantly makes a biphobic comment and declares that he doesn’t believe that bisexuality exists.

To add insult to injury the author then continues to outline how they think that bisexual men are just gay men in denial. This literally made my blood boil 🤬

I kept reading the book to see if there was any redeeming moments because to be frank, the main character Randy came off as a jerk even before this comment. Sadly no, I suffered through the rest of the novel and at no point does this ever come up again, nor is it redeemed.

I question why the author thought it was necessary to have a character spew such a biphobia in the first place?! The character who came out as bi had no other conversations about this, we are only subjected to Randy’s disbelief about the fact that bisexuality exists and then it is never mentioned again. I had until this moment thought that reading a LGBTQ+ romance novel would be a safe space for sexuality to be explored in a respectful way but sadly this is not the case in Amber Kell’s books.

I will never pick up a book by this author again and cannot believe that no one has pulled the book up on this comment in the available reviews. If you do not believe me, please check out the below quote taken directly from Blood Signs on page 23.

Randy didn’t really believe in people being bi. The few men he’d met who proclaimed they were bisexual were really gay men in denial. Men trying to hedge their bets so they could have the traditional wife and family and still fuck other men. He wasn’t going to share that belief with Darren. It wasn’t worth making an issue about it. Besides, he only liked men so it was pure speculation on his part.

How is your book bingo going? Have you hit bingo yet or are you steadily working your way through it? Leave a comment and let me know 😊

4 thoughts on “Book Bingo Update 10

  1. I may have to pick up that Gaiman book now. I keep seeing Spindle too but never read it. Blood Signs sounds awful! As you say, without any redemption Randy is just horrible!

    My own bingo is…going. Tad neglected of late, but I am down to my final few squares, it’s just they’re categories I won’t really stumble into. I need to make a conscious effort to read at this point I think.


    1. Oh, I didn’t know about Spindle, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it! And yeah thought it was going to be an okayish quick read and it was just baaad.

      Yeah the remaining squares are killing me lol A lot have been, like you said, stumbled upon so I’ve been lucky. Do any from your OZYA one count?


      1. Oh, I didn’t think about that! Two definitely do so that’s a start. If I try to complete that bingo before the end of the year I think it might help my main one too.


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