Self Care Saturday: Black Rose by Lush

Black Rose by Lush

Wash away your woes with sweet rose. This richly romantic Turkish rose and lemon love story will have you falling head over heels for bathing all over again. A kiss of conditioning Fair Trade cocoa butter hydrates, while balancing geranium leaves your skin looking blooming beautiful.

Taken from the Lush AU website.

Black Rose is intense! The scent of the bath is strong and aromatic with my bathroom smelling of roses for days after using the bath bomb. The bath water is also so amazing to look at – black but with silver glitter shimmering in the among the water.

The bath itself was great. I couldn’t get over how amazing the water looked. As soon as I emerged my hand in the water, I could not see it through the colour – the black of the bath was that intense.

Black Rose was a real treat, it was an amazing smell and it made the water such a trippy colour. A word of warning though, as much as I loved the Black Rose, I will not be using it again. My bathtub had so many black stains. And no just one scrub stains but hella scrub, multiple days worth of scrubbing stains. So as much as I really enjoyed the experience, I probably wouldn’t recommend this one.

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