Currently Consuming: Untitled Goose Game



It’s a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose.

Yep, you read that right, in Untitled Goose Game you play as a goose who goes around and antagonises a village full of people. The controls are literally, walk, run, duck, grab, honk, and flap your wings. It is literally the funnest game I have played all year.


I saw the trailer for this gem of a game a while ago in a Nintendo Direct and knew immediately that I had to play it.

Also this game was made in Australia! So not only am I amazed at how simple yet brilliant the game play is but I get to be so proud of the content that we are bringing to the international market – plus it was partly funded by the government – so even bigger win!

Best Bits

I don’t want to give too much away but I am just in love with the honking mechanic. For the first five minutes of me playing I was just wandering around honking at everything and everyone.

For such a simple concept and objectives, there are so many different ways you can achieve your goals. From all of the screenshots and videos I have seen, people have tackled the objectives in incredibly different ways than me; I really love this play-ability of the game, where you can return of think of different ways to just be an arsehole goose around town.

Thoughts so far

I am currently up to the ‘pub scene’ in the game and am just enjoying myself so much. I will probably have finished this game before this post will go up but just had to share my thoughts and love of the game.

In their review, VentureBeat says that ‘you can’t just play Untitled Goose Game. You have to perform it.’ I could not agree more, I played this game with my partner watching and honestly they were laughing as much as, or even more than, me.

Honestly, if the title, gif, or the whole of my post hasn’t convinced you of how awesome Untitled Goose Game is, please do yourself a favour and give the below trailer a watch.

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