Book Bingo Update 9

Hard to find genre

The Mistress and Her Men by Minerva Howe

For my hard to find genre, I decided to go with a polyamorous femdom historical romance novel. I’m not going to lie, I agonised over that sentence 😅

I really enjoyed The Mistress and Her Men, it was quite a quick read with only 124 pages but no less enjoyable for its short length. The characters of the novel were very enagaing and I quickly found myself emersed in the dybamics of the trios relationships.

It was also really interesting seeing a femdom / dominance based relationship portrayed from a historical point of view. The societal pressures and ramifications are touched on in the book but do not drag down the narrative with too much angst. I would really recommend giving this book a read – the book is written by Minerva Howe who is a pen name for the author Julia Talbot, whose other books I will be looking into later!

How is your book bingo going? Have you hit bingo yet or are you steadily working your way through it? Leave a comment and let me know 😊

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