Self Care Saturday: Melbourne Breakfast by T2

Melbourne Breakfast by T2

When the winds start howling, this brew will see you through. Indulge a little with this full-bodied vanilla sweet tea – bound to keep you cosy all year ’round. Sip it up Melbourne style!

Enjoy with: Perfect on its own or with a dash of milk.

Taken from the T2 website.

Okay, so I do realise that so far a lot of these ‘Self Care Saturday’ posts have been taken up by bath bombs. Any why wouldn’t they? Bath bombs are great! But another aspect of self care for me, is looking after myself during my more stressful moments.

Ways that I am able to do this is by trying to relax with a cup of tea. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the tea itself that helps, but the tea making process – namely being able to get out of the moment, to step away, and have a cuppa.

I am used to drinking a lot of generic black tea – I am part of a household that has a cup of coffee in the morning and one or two teas in the afternoon and night – so simple and cheap tea is our staple. So having the option to indulge in a really nice cuppa when I need to calm down is really nice.

Melbourne Breakfast is one of my go to ‘indulgent’ teas. While I have previously talked about Banana Bake and Gorgeous Geisha which are two amazing tea blends, Melbourne Breakfast is my staple black tea. The simple black tea is a luxurious treat for me because of how rich and smooth it is. The tea is quite strong and has tastes of vanilla, I often drink this tea and cannot stop myself from making a contented noise.

I thought I would share with you one of my favourite food based self care techniques because it is currently Winter in Australia and I am turning to tea more and more in the cold nights.

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