Confessions of a Book Lover – I Don’t Read Unfinished Series

My name is Ally and I don’t read unfinished series.

Let me unpack this because I know that it can come across as very problematic. I shall rephrase:

My name is Ally and I don’t read unfinished series by bestselling authors.

I am more than happy to support smaller authors, independent publishers, and people who need the support so they can keep writing their books. I love you all and want you to keep writing so I will happily read your unfinished series!

All those multi-millionaire, best selling authors though – you can wait.

I simply do not have the brain capacity to remember all the intricate details from your previous books when I read your new ones. I am not that good. Nowhere near it. So just like I will, you can wait until the last book is published before I purchase/borrow/read your series.

I also do not have the time to re-read all your books because if I like your writing, I will need to re-read because that’s just who I am and how I need to jog my memory.

So I apologise Holly Black, I will be waiting until The Folk of the Air Series is finished before I crack open The Cruel Prince. Same Marissa Meyer, I promise I’ll get to Renegades eventually. Same to every other book series out there – I’ll get to you eventually.

What’s your opinion? Do you read a series as books are published or do you wait like me? Leave a comment and let me know!

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Book Lover – I Don’t Read Unfinished Series

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