Quick Non-Fic Reviews – Sustainability

I have a terrible habit of borrowing books from the library and then either not reading them at all or only skimming them. As I work in a library and am surrounded by books and borrow waay too many, I thought I would try and force myself to read some of the books I borrow.

So the below are some non fiction books that have caught my eye and I have given a quick read. Since I do this so often I’ve decided to group them together into themes, so enjoy the first: Sustainability (with a side note of creativity)


Waste Not by Erin Rhoads

I have been quite interested recently in how I can reduce my personal waste and be more ecologically responsible. Waste Not was a pretty decent book about steps individuals can take in order to throw away less. I didn’t read the entirety of the book but I did take away a number of things that I can do as an individual such as newspaper bin liners, having a set of my own cutlery, and challenging myself to go completely plastic free (which I am making a big effort to do).

Live Green: 52 Steps for a More Sustainable Life by Jen Chillingsworth

Live Green is an amazing resource. The book is broken up into sections like cleaning, food, and fashion then breaks them down into individual items. Each item is then discussed and other more sustainable options are listed as either alternatives or ways in which you can continue to use them, but more positively.

Whereas the above book, Waste Not, is more wordy and discusses the issues at a larger scope, Live Green is all about what you can do right now. I am definitely going to purchase a copy of this book because the way it is set out and the options it suggests are so manageable.

101 Ways to go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellogg

101 Ways to Go Zero Waste is set up as 101 lessons and tips on how to, you guessed it, go zero waste. And if not zero waste, then how to reduce your waste and live in a more sustainable manner. I really liked this book, similar to the above Live Green, it offers achievable advice for ways in which you can stop or swap current behaviours.

The way the book is set out, makes it really easy to browse and to locate specific things you can do in parts of your life. The books also touches on other interesting topics like ways you can travel, move, and plan a funeral more sustainability, as well as better options for gift giving.


Being Creative: Be inspired. Unlock your originality by Michael Atavar

Being Creative is a book I requested on NetGalley but have since seen in the library – it is a really interesting book concept. Being Creative is set up as 20 ‘thought provoking’ lessons on how to awaken your creativity. The book doesn’t get you to define what you are being creative in but rather helps spark that creativity.

The page layout and book set up is amazing. I really enjoyed how the page flows, you have a introduction of a concept and then you are prompted with an exercise. Also the graphic design of the book is so simply but effective. Being Creative is part of a series and if you see one of them, I would recommend giving them a look!

Things to do before a Monday by Syd Veverka

Okay, so this book is very strange. It has 52 things you can do before a monday, just in case you’re reached Sunday and suddenly realise you’ve wasted your weekend and haven’t done anything. The book is quite cute and lists a lot of silly things you can do before Monday. There are a few semi serious suggestions but the majority are silly one there just to make you smile.

Some suggestions for things you can do before a Monday:

  • Wear nothing but Red Lips and Socks.
  • Startle an old man.
  • Go on a Tinder date in your Halloween costume.
  • Be Shrek.

Anything grab your attention? When I’m borrowing library books I tend to grab anything that looks interesting, so I tend to skim or read a lot of randomly themed books. Are you the same? Or are there specific themed books you always borrow?

Leave a comment and let me know 😊

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