Self Care Saturday: Soak Infusion – Lavender + Hibiscus by Salt by Hendrix

Soak Infusion – Lavender + Hibiscus by Salt by Hendrix

Relaxing the nervous system, relieving aches and extracting toxins from the body, our Soak Infusion mixes the mineral powers of Epsom and Dead Sea salts with the healing properties of lavender and dried hibiscus. Lavender heals the skin and soul whilst hibiscus enhances skin elasticity and purifies the complexion.

Taken from the Salt by Hendrix site.

Soak Infusion – Lavender + Hibiscus is really pretty looking bath salt. On a recent trip to Canberra I picked up a sample pack of five bath salts by Salts by Hendrix. Lavender + Hibiscus was my first soak from the pack and it was a little bit different than my usual.

The bath salts and bath itself, didn’t really have a strong scent or texture, rather it was a really subtle experience. There were small floating bits of lavender and dried Hibiscus flowers mixed in with the salts and these were quite lovely as they floated on top of the water.

It wasn’t until after the bath that I felt any of the nice effects of the bath salts; my skin felt softer and complexion was a little nicer. I had a nice soak and the floating flowers would be a nice touch but I think I would need more salts that supplied in the sample (or suggested 2 Tablespoons) to really get a kick out of the product. If I had to choose one word for the experience it would be subtle.

I’m looking forward to trying the other samples from the pack, I did start off with the softest of the scents, so hopefully my next experience will have a little more omph. So keep an eye out of the next couple of months as I make my way through the sample pack 🛀

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