How to Best a Marquess by Tina Gabrielle

How to Best a Marquess

by Tina Gabrielle.

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Blurb: Lady Ellie Swift learned at an early age that men were more trouble than they’re worth. Now she’s all grown up and is the toast of society. Only she has secret ambitions to run her brother’s infamous gambling establishment—the Raven Club. Everything is progressing as planned until the man who broke her heart, Hugh Vere, the Marquess of Deveril, wants to take over the club. Dark, dominant, and strikingly handsome, Hugh’s reputation for sin precedes him, and suddenly, her dreams—and her heart—are in jeopardy. 

As rakish as Hugh appears, he has a sharp mind for business. No one stands in the way of what he wants, not even the fiery-haired beauty from his past. From the moment he sees her again sparks fly, but he knows better than to fall for the lady. According to Ellie, the battle lines have been drawn and Hugh doesn’t stand a chance. But the nearly combustible chemistry between them is hard to ignore, and soon the club is not the only prize he wants….

Taken from book blurb.

Release Date: 10 June, 2019.

Length: 200 pages.

Series: The Raven Club #2.

Genre: Romance. Historical.

Read as: an eBook.

Sourced: NetGalley.

My Thoughts

How to Best a Marquess is a beautiful story of second chances at love and acceptance. Ellie and Hugh have a romantic history which ended in heartbreak at the discretion of one character. The novel sees the pair reunited as they battle for the chance to win the casino, the Raven Club.

I really enjoyed How to Best a Marquess, I don’t tend to enjoy ‘second chance at love’ stories but I felt really engrossed in Ellie and Hugh’s romance. The emotional connection came not just from the romantic tension between the pair, but from their slow dance around each other as they each came to accept things about themselves and their past.

I said previously that How to Best a Marquess is about acceptance – this is not just true about the pair accepting each other but in accepting aspects about themselves. Throughout the novel Ellie strives for independence and the power to help people, which is why she fights so hard for the chance to own and run The Raven Club. Hugh, who rarely gives up control, comes to realise this as it becomes clear to him that he has repeatedly taken all control away from Ellie and accepts this negative aspect of his personality and past. Ellie in turn learns to accept her stubbornness and also how to forgive.

I really enjoyed How to Best a Marquess, as I often found myself smiling and good humouredly rolling my eyes at their antics. Tina Gabrielle has created believable characters that work really well together and were a pleasure to read. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for her future books!


I would recommenced this book to any historical romance fan looking for a fun and engaging couple. The pacing is great, the storyline is entertaining, and you will find yourself flying through the book as you chase the pairs happy ending.

Please note: I received a copy of How to Best a Marquess from NetGalley.

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