Self Care Saturday: Strawberries and Cream by Lush

Strawberries and Cream by Lush

What could be better than bathing in a big bath full of strawberries and cream? Use whole, or twist in half to share with a loved one. Fruity strawberry powder freshens and tones, while the creamy filling in this sandwiched bath bomb melts, leaving behind deeply softening water. A touch of black pepper oil gives this bath bomb an edge and brings out its sweet berry scent. 

Taken from the Lush AU website.

Strawberries and Cream by Lush is such a fun time. The colours of the bath are a nice soothing pink and the scent is so smooth and lovely. Part of Lush’s #WetheBathers promotion which has seen 50(!) new bath bombs be added to their shop, Strawberries and Cream is one that I had to try.

The bath bomb itself is so cute! Literally shaped like a strawberry, it is two strawberry halves connected with a ‘creamy filling’ that gives the bath water a smooth and soft feel. While it dissolves little black ‘strawberry’ seeds release into the water, giving it a nice texture and look – as I said, so cute!

The scent of the bath bomb was disappointingly subtle, I was really looking forward to a strong strawberry scent but it was not to be. However this does not detract from my overall enjoyment of Strawberries and Cream.

While I am probably not going to purchase this bath bomb again (I mean I do have 50 new ones to make my way through 😅) it was still a great experience and an amazing bath bomb 🍓💕

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