Five Reasons My Book Club is Better than Yours

I love my book club. I love reading, and I love catching up with my friends, and I love that I get to do both at once!

If you ever think about joining or creating a book club, I would 100% recommend the experience and 110% encourage you. If you are interested in starting a book club check out my post about my Top Ten Book Club Books.

If you already are part of a book club, how awesome are they? Just to be completely honest with you though, my book club will always be better than yours.

The below are just a few reason why my book club is better than yours.

1. I actually like the people in my book club

Okay so I work in a library and get to interact with a number of book clubs that come in to use the library space and book club kits. When I’m chatting to book club members, it is almost a weekly occurrence where I get to have to stand there and listen to them bitch about their group.

I do realise that it might not be everyone in the group but most groups have that one person. You know them, they either didn’t read the book, hate everything, or always have to have the most contrary opinions.

Yes, we know you only read ‘literature,’ Jan!

Regardless of whether you have a ‘Jan’ in your book club or you just aren’t that close with your members – my book club is better because it is made up of my friends.

That’s right, I am one of those mythic ‘friend’ book clubs that actually got off the ground and made it through more than two meetings! Bow down to my superior book club full of people I actually like!

2. Rules? What rules?

A lot of books clubs I interact with or know have a lot of rules. Whether these are written down ones like ‘no genre fiction’ or unspoken ones like ‘whomsoever hosts supplies the wine,’ my book club is better than your cus we go with the flow.

The only rule that we have is one that I made – and it was more of a request. ‘No books that will make me sob.’ In the grand scheme of things I feel like this isn’t too harsh of a rule. And truth be told, if you did pick a sobby book, I’d probably still read it anyway.

3. Whatever, we’ll read what we want.

Unlike your book club that I’m sure you’re starting to realise is inferior to mine, we are very relaxed in what we read. Instead of having our books chosen months in advance and only once everyone has agreed on them, my book club has one person pick the book each month.

I absolutely love this because over the FIVE YEARS (😲) that my book club has been running we have read so many different things. While I will admit some of these have been driven largely by my decisions to select themes rather than books, it none the less keeps things fresh.

My book club is so much better than yours because we each get a turn at picking our own books. No longer are we stuck reading only award winning literature, my book club reads widely and across many genres.

Graphic novel month? Yeah why not.

Christmas themed reads? Hell yeah!

Text based video game? Yeah you heard me, we read whatever we want!

4. We understand.

Okay we get it, life can be many things: hard, rough, busy, full, stressful, chaotic even. We understand.

Who cares if you didn’t finish this months book? So what you didn’t even start the book. You can’t even remember what we were meant to read? Okay that one is a little rude but we forgive you ❤️

My Book Club is better than your because we understand and we don’t care if you’re not prepared. We’re just happy to see each other.

5. We’re passionate about reading

Of the members of my book club, two are librarians 💁🏽‍♀️, one works in a book department and is studying to be an editor 😲, and the other… well he is new to reading and actually finishing books but we love him for it anyway.

We love to chat about books, fictional characters, and the latest news in the publishing world! It is just great to not only catch up with my friends, but to be able to share my passion with like minded people is an amazing experience that is often the highlight of my month.

I do apologise but my book club will always be better than yours because we can literally chat about books for hours and have been for five years!

There you have it, five very legitimate reasons why my book club is better than yours. You might not agree with me, you might (very deludedly) think your book club is better but if anything you can see why book clubs are so much fun.

Do you disagree? Do you have a better book club than mine? Leave a comment and let me know 😊

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