Self Care Saturday: More Tea and Sympathy by Lush

More Tea and Sympathy by Lush

A soothing, cleansing soak is anyone’s cup of tea. Lay back and steep to your heart’s content as an Earl Grey tea bag emerges from the bright pink fizzing teapot that releases a feel-good bergamot and neroli fragrance and a spattering of blue cornflowers. With green tea to clarify and cleanse the skin, there’s plenty of reason to treat yourself or a loved one to a much-deserved cuppa. 

Taken from the Lush AU website.

Okay so I just want to start off by saying that this bath bomb is a teapot. With an actual teabag inside 😲Not only is it themed to the max with a lovely scent but after the bath bomb has dissolved, you continue to steep because it has an Early Grey teabag inside 🥰

Be still my beating heart!

The bath itself was lovely. The bath bomb has a strong scent which lingered on the skin well into the next day. As the bath bomb dissolved, the bath turned a beautiful pink colour with a light white layered look on top of the water. Once the bath bomb had dissolved though, you got to see the beautiful blue cornflowers that were released.

Okay so this bath bomb won because it was a tea pot and essentially made your bath a big cup of tea, but it has the added bonus of bing such a lovely experience. The scent is so nice and strong enough to stay with you, and the colour of the bath water was so striking and pink 💗

I would 100% recommend this bath bomb and really hope that Lush decides to keep it around! 10/10 would bath again 🛁

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