LLR: The Invisible Ring by Anne Bishop

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The Invisible Ring (The Black Jewels #4)

by Anne Bishop.

Jared is a Red-Jewelled Warlord bound as a pleasure slave by the Ring of Obedience. After suffering nine years of torment as a slave, he murdered his owner and escaped — only to be caught and sold into slavery once again. The notorious queen who has purchased him, known as the Gray Lady, may not be what she seems. Soon, Jared faces a difficult choice: his freedom, or his honour.

When I first read The Black Jewels series I was in high school and I was hooked. I loved the dynamics of the book, the dark world, and the gender politics surrounding the story. I LOVED seeing such strong female characters and I LOVED how they were treated by the men in stories.

The Invisible Ring is no different. From what I remember there is a lot left unsaid about the love between two people; the desire, the passion, the commitment. The concept of slavery is explored, not just a physical slavery but emotional – what keeps people tethered together.

I am very interested in returning to The Black Jewels series and giving them a re-read. I want to read them again as an adult and with my better understanding of the complications between people in relationships and see how my new perceptions affect the story.

Having said that, of the series (that I read) The Invisible Ring was my favourite. It felt a lot more like a romance novel than an intricate and multifaceted fantasy novel, the fact that it was a stand alone helped quite a bit as well.

I would 100% recommend picking up one Anne Bishop’s book and seeing the different, more femininely empowered world that she has created in her The Black Jewels series.

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