Confessions of a Book Lover – I Dog Ear Books

My name is Ally and I dog ear books.

To mark my place in a book, I fold the corner of a page instead of using a bookmark like a civilised person. I am such a deviant that I not only dog ear my own books but also library books.

I hear you gasp in horror – I am fully aware of how people feel about dog earring books and just how passionate they can get about doing this to books. But honestly, who cares?

For books that are my own, you shouldn’t care because they’re mine.

I must admit though, when borrowing a book from a friend, I don’t dog ear their books because I do respect their property.

For library books, take it from someone who works in a library in the grand scheme of things, dog earring doesn’t damage a book. Bending the covers, cracking the spines, and mystery stains are why books are removed from catalogues, not because of bent top corners.

Having said this, please note that I do not dog ear large non fiction books or valuable older books. I am admitting to dog earring paperback, trade paperbacks, and hardcover fiction books. I am not a monster who dog ears valuable art print books or 1920 copies of classic fiction.

I know that this confession and my blasé attitude may annoy or even infuriate some people but oh well. I am a ‘dog earer’ and I do not care.

What are your opinions on dog earring books? Are you a avid bookmark supporter? Do you think I have a special place waiting for me in book purgatory? Or are you like me, a dog earrer who is no longer afraid to confess to their book crimes.

Leave a comment and let me know!

6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Book Lover – I Dog Ear Books

  1. When I was younger, I dog eared books all the time, but now I use bookmarks. I don’t understand, though, why people care what other people do to their personal books. Live and let live, ya know?

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  2. As a kid I dog eared book. So many of my BSC books have bent corners. I was guilted into stopping by a poster that hung in the library that basically said don’t dog ear books and I felt so bad I never did it again. The temptation remains though! But I totally agree, seeing the other damage to library books it is not the worst thing to happen to it by far.

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    1. I used to feel bad and make the effort with bookmarks but yeah it was seeing the daily wear and tear of books and how little dog earring mattered in the long run that let gave me permission to be lazy 😋


  3. Oh my gosh, I’m not the only one!
    I do this alll the time. I am currently purposely trying not to do it, purely because all the books I have been reading are from the library. And it feels kind of sacrilege to change a library book in any way.
    But my own books? I got to bloody town on them.
    Thank you for posting!!


    1. Oh yeah, if the books is one I’m borrowing from a friend, I won’t dog ear it but if it’s mine – eh I don’t care lol.

      As a librarian though, I don’t mind dog eared pages 😊 Dog earring is nothing to a books longevity if you treat the rest of it nicely. So don’t feel too bad

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