Small Snippet of April 2019

Upstart Crow

How have I only just found out about this show?!

I love Ben Elton – why is this only just coming to my attention 😥😥😥 Either way I have binged the first season of this show and absolutely love it!

Think of Upstart Crow as Blackadder meets Shakespeare. The show is hilarious, it can make an intelligent in-joke about Shakespeare that people who are versed in the subject will know and in the next sentence make a joke about passing gas. I really enjoyed the first series and cannot wait to watch the second!

Labrinth, Sia, Diplo Present… LSD

Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo have been slowly releasing song after song from their out of nowhere collaboration and I have been loving it.

I’m a huge fan of Sia and any new music from her is a cause for celebration but this new album is such a fun experience. Featuring punchy beats and flowing rhythms, LSD is such a great listen. Full of solid songs and catchy hooks, you really need to check out this fab collab.

Quick thoughts

Check out the sidebar of the web page – I have a snazzy new badge. That’s right I finally got the coveted 80% feedback ratio badge from Net Galley.

Okay so, it’s exciting to me 😋 I’m trying very hard not to over burden myself with book requests and to actually fulfil and review the books that I request. So to see that I’m sticking to this and actually hitting that stat is exciting to me.

Update on my 2019 goals.

Parks and Recreation Season 2 – I have been told by so many people to watch and have tried so very hard to get into the first season. My biggest problem with the show is the fact that similar to Leslie, I work for local government. While watching the first season and at the height of my old desk job, I would get so frustrated as I watched the show, knowing that nothing would work because that is not how you get things done in those types of organisations.

So taking the advice of others, I have skipped ahead and started at Season 2. I’ve made it past four episodes so it’s going well than my previous attempts. Hopefully I’ll keep it up because I really do like Leslie and find her enthusiasm quite endearing.

2 thoughts on “Small Snippet of April 2019

  1. I’m glad you kept going with Parks and Rec, you can actually see the shift between season one and two it’s great. It’s only going to get better from there. Also Upstart Crow is amazing. I love all the references to his work and his frustrations are the best.


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