Book Bingo Update 3

Read that Sequel

Heated Rivalry by Rachel Reid

Second book in the Game Changer series, I was incredibly lucky to be given an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Like the first book, I absolutely adored the characters in the novel.

A snarky shit-stirrer meets a straight-laced sweetheart in this M/M Romance. While not to everyone’s tastes (the book takes place over several years, and sees the pair have intimate relationships with other people) the book is nonetheless excellently written, and paced so brilliantly that you won’t be able to put the book down.

Lesbian Main Character

Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O’Neill 

This book is absolutely beautiful picture book / graphic novel. Not only is the art such a pleasure to look at (and believe me, you turn the pages back to keep looking at them) but the story is great. The plot is that of a Princess who has set off to be a Hero and a Princess who has been locked in a tower.

While the story does follow a typical ‘fairy tale’ plot line, the QUILTBAG theme surrounds and changes the story. You will fall in love with Amira and Sadie as they dance around each other and an ogre. If you care to look at the Bingo Tile for a spoiler, you can figure out what transpires to give this story it’s happily ever after ❤

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