Small Snippet of March 2019

Star Trek Original Series – Season One

Years ago, when my partner and I first got together we were watching Star Trek: Next Generation and each remarked how we had never seen the original series, despite being fans of the show. This conversation soon evolved to us promising ourselves that we would one day make our way through the whole series in chronological order.

Despite being years after this, we have finally made it to Star Trek the Original series. I won’t bad mouth Star Trek Enterprise because I really enjoyed the series and loved the stories it told, I will just say two words which will explain why it took us so long to finish the four seasons: Nazi Aliens. Seriously it made me not want to continue onto Season four.

Despite this, we made it to season one of Star Trek. The show is quite different, at times it is boring, at times sexist, but we are finding a lot of the time that we are connecting stories to further parts of the story. Looking forward to making it to Season Two!

Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten by Ionnalee

Ionnalee is a Swedish singer and songwriter that with the release of her newest song, ‘Open Ocean,’ has suddenly popped up on my Spotify Discover playlist.

I was caught by the catchy melodies of her songs and was soon listening to this album on repeat. I don’t listen to my Discover playlist very often but I am so glad I did – Ionnalee (or Jonna Lee) is a great singer and a great find! ‘

I’m really excited to see more music be released for Ionnalee’s new album. I would really recommend ‘Not Human,’ as it is my favourite and also the first song of hers that I heard. Click the video, you should totally give it a listen.

Quick thoughts

It’s election time in Australia and I have never been more happy that I don’t watch TV. Currently our airwaves are being slammed with political commercials and the multitude I have sit through while watching the news is horrendous.

So glad all my TV time is now spent watching streamed content ❤

Update on my 2019 goals.

Season 2 of Dirk Gently was amazing! I absolutely loved this show and stayed up til 3am again to finish the series. Dirk Gently is such an intricate and well crafted show, I loved the characters and loved the insane world building – Elijah Wood, Samuel Barnett, and Jade Eshete are a dream team in this series.

I’m devastated that the show was cancelled before a third season but I am also aware of the fact that sadly Douglas Addams passed away before he finished writing the series. Despite this, I am now certain that I am going to have to give the Dirk Gently book series a read ❤

Also just saying – Alan Tudyk can do no wrong.

4 thoughts on “Small Snippet of March 2019

  1. I also found the original Star Trek hard to watch. They were a huge fan of random noises and beeping which are quite annoying. I really want to keep going with The Next Generation but I have to make myself push past the first season which is so boring.


    1. Yeah, I find that with each series there are while chunks of episodes that are just boring or really unappealing. Makes it difficult to watch them when you’re working your way through a series – sometimes the best episodes are when you just watch randomly.


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