Common Cents by Earn Spend Live

Common Cents: A Budget Workbook

by Earn Spend Live.

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Blurb: Make the daunting task of managing your personal finances approachable with Common Cents!

Money makes the world go ‘round, but it doesn’t have to make your head spin! This budgeting workbook is packed with easy-to-use worksheets, money-saving tips, advice from financial experts, and prompts to help you set (and achieve) realistic financial goals. Customisable monthly budgets let you record and manage your expenses by category, as well as see the big-picture impact of day-to-day decisions. But setting up a good budget isn’t just about tracking daily spending; it’s about long-term financial health—so Common Cents will also help you start saving, building up an emergency fund, paying off your debts, and learning how to invest in your future.

This financial workbook includes:

• Non-boring breakdowns of financial basics

• Budgeting, purchase-planning, and goal-setting worksheets

• Step-by-step guides to getting out of debt and building your savings

• Tips that will help keep you right on track

Common Cents is designed to help organise your financial life—you’ll learn how to make money work for you.

Release Date: 1st January, 2019.

Length: 188 pages.

Series: The Totally Approachable, Not-Scary Guides.

Genre: Self Help. Personal Finance. Non-fiction.

Read as an: eBook.

Sourced: NetGalley.

My Thoughts: Common Cents is a brilliantly simple budget book aimed towards the young adult and ‘new’ adult market. What separates Common Cents from other personal finance and budgeting books is the language and forgiving nature of the content. As someone who has read widely within the personal finance genre, Common Cents is a welcome breath of fresh air.

While predominately a workbook filled with prompts and space for budgeting, debt management, and goal setting, Common Cents also offers up advice on handling your money. At no point are you made to feel bad about your previous spending habits or current finance situation – the book instead openly encourages you to be honest and take steps towards helping yourself. The personal anecdotes offered by the two authors, Meleah Bowles and Elise Williams, really ground the book and make it a realistic and positive resource for people wanting to take control of their financial lives.

The workbook offers a number of places to help strengthen your financial situation. The book starts off with a section dedicated to working out a budget, the point is stressed that everyone’s budget will look different and that it’s your life, your money, and ultimately your budget.

The rest of the book tackles debt, starting an emergency fund, making smart purchases, and setting financial goals. Ideally the book is intended to be used over a period of time, with the final section of the book being a place where you can reflect on your financial journey and look back on how you have managed your money. From personal experience, nothing is more satisfying than seeing this progress and I loved that the book provided this space.

Common Cents is a fantastic resource for people who want to take control of their money. The language used is very welcoming, concepts are explained simply, and the authors provide honest personal examples of their own habits.

If you are looking for a starting point at managing your personal finances, then Common Cents really is the place to start. Not only is it well written and approachable, but it is physically very pretty – which not going to lie, really does help ❤

Please note: I received a copy of Common Cents from NetGalley.

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