Self Care Saturday: Personail


Personail is an online nail wrap company based in Sunny Sydney, Australia.

Design focused, and nail art aficionados, we’re and Australian company that offers you a hug range of 100% nail polish wraps to suit any occasion and style.

Think fun, fresh, and one-of-a-kind designs that will inject personal-ity into any day of the week or outfit.

Taken from the Personail site.

Since a Personail stall at Supanova Sydney in 2018, I have been hooked. The nail polish wraps that are available from Personail are not only beautiful and hella professional but some are incredibly geeky ❤

As it says above, Personail wraps are nail polish, which for me means that once I’ve applied them – they stay on. I’ve previously used other decals and vinyls and within days they have shifted or fallen off.

I tend to wear these nail wraps for a week each, so I apply them on Sunday night and usually take them off on Saturday afternoon. I work in a library and the work is equal parts customer service, admin support, lugging around heavy books, and shelving. So far in the (almost) year that I have been wearing them, they have survived my rough shelving treatment.

TURQUOISE & GOLD Personail Wrap

The Turquoise and Gold wrap is one of my favourites. I did not expect to love it as much as I do and regularly wear these out. As I have small nails, I tend to get about three or four nail sets out of one pack, however if you had long nails and were using one strip per nail you would get less sets.

I’ve popped Personail as a Self Care feature because I am a nail biter. Whether I bite my nail from stress or boredom, I can often be found chewing on my nails or even worse my fingers (gross I know, I mainly do it when I’m concentrating or playing the Sims 😓). I really love Personail because while I am wearing them, I don’t bite my nails. Whether or not it’s because they’re too nice to chew, I find that the week I wear the wraps my nails actually get to grow.

Also I use them as part of my Self Care routine, as it makes me feel good about myself. Throughout the week I can catch myself looking at the nice patterns and feelings just that little bit more professional in a workplace that insists on calling me ‘Good Girl.’

I would 100% recommend giving Personail a try, they offer free shipping to any where in the world and personally make me feel really good about myself.

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