Book Bingo Update 2


Game Changer by Rachel Reid

I *thought* finding a sports book would be difficult but then I found myself reading one by accident. Game Changer is a m/m romance that features a Hockey Player.

So BAM sports square done!

I really enjoyed this book and the characters involved. Reading the blurb I had thought that it would feature a little more angst but thank goodness, it was just a perfect amount of romance and plot. Keep an eye out for a full post about this book!

Poly Romance

Switch it Up (Noble House Kink #2) by Sara Brookes

It’s been a while since I read a BDSM book and Switch it Up did not disappoint. Full of way more angst and emotional turmoil than I was expecting, Switch it Up is such an touching read.

The Poly Romance features hacker Maddy, IT expert and Dom Ezra, and owner of the Noble House kink club Kochran. There was no insta-love here as the trio circled around each other, before confronting some emotional truths and getting together. I enjoyed Switch it Up and found myself really rooting for Kochran and Ezra as they came to terms with their sorrowful backstories.

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