Anticipated Arrival: Second Hand by Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan

Anticpated arrivals

What is it?!

A second edition of a book called Second Hand by Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan. I read the book years ago (all the way back in 2012) and loved it!

A Tucker Springs Novel
Paul Hannon flunked out of vet school. His fiancée left him. He can barely afford his rent, and he hates his house. About the only things he has left are a pantry full of his ex’s kitchen gadgets and a lot of emotional baggage. He could really use a win—and that’s when he meets El.
Pawnbroker El Rozal is a cynic. His own family’s dysfunction has taught him that love and relationships lead to misery. Despite that belief, he keeps making up excuses to see Paul again. Paul, who doesn’t seem to realize that he’s talented and kind and worthy. Paul, who’s not over his ex-fiancée and is probably straight anyway. Paul, who’s so blind to El’s growing attraction, even asking him out on dates doesn’t seem to tip him off.
El may not do relationships, but something has to give. If he wants to keep Paul, he’ll have to convince him he’s worthy of love—and he’ll have to admit that attachment might not be so bad after all.

When is it coming out?!

April 9, 2019. Can’t wait.

I think I *should* give the first book a re-read but I don’t remember liking it as much as the Second Hand, the second book ‘Tucker Springs’ book.

Why do you want it?!

I remember loving this book and really falling in love with the characters. I think this book has stayed with me over the years because I just really wanted to see more of the romantic leads and even after devouring the rest of the Tucker Springs series, wanted more.

I’m hoping that maybe there is a little more content in the second edition, maybe an extra chapter or epilogue? Hey, a girl can dream!

Why does everyone else need it?!

Because you just need to fall in love with this couple. From what I remember they’re not the usual romantic leads but I just felt a nice connection between the two as they each had a closer look at their lives.

Also who doesn’t like a good romance? ❤

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