The Girl with the Sweetest Secret by Betina Krahn

girlwiththesweetestsecretThe Girl with the Sweetest Secret

by Betina Krahn.

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Blurb: When Frances Bumgarten encounters a handsome stranger in her kitchen in the middle of the night, her first impulse is to wallop the scoundrel on the head with a bread paddle. And when Frankie discovers he is “The Fox,” a disarmingly arrogant purveyor of gossip among England’s aristocracy, she’s tempted to take a second swing . . .

Never mind that Reynard Boulton, nephew of the Viscount Tannehill, is returning her inebriated uncle safely home. This chiseled intruder has sparked an infuriating physical sensation unlike anything the feisty Nevada silver heiress has experienced. In fact, the noblemen of London are so dull, Frankie’s sworn off marriage entirely. She will, however, help her younger sister win her own love match—even if it means secretly enlisting Reynard’s enquiring mind . . .

But secrets, as Reynard knows too well, can be costly. For Frankie is yet unaware that a villainous duke is scheming to claim her—and ruin him. Soon they’re racing to uncover the truth—and fueling a passion that won’t stay hidden . . .

Release Date: November 27th, 2018.
Length: 320 pages.
Series: Sin and Sensibility #2.
Genre: Historical Romance.
Read as an: ebook.
Sourced: Netgalley.

My Thoughts: The Girl with the Sweetest Secret is a great example of what historical romance novels can be – the book was well written, engaging, and funny!  From start to finish I found myself reading with a smile on my face.

One of the draws for me was the language that Frankie used throughout the book. With a backstory that sees her travelling from Nevada to upper-crust England, Frankie walks the line between propriety and her ranching background. The Girl with the Sweetest Secret is littered with great examples of American lingo that hilariously slip out of Frankie. It was really great being able to read such a developed and distinct character, I found myself connecting and enjoying Frankie from the first page.

The overall plot of the novel is way more expansive and interesting than other historical romances. With backdrops that branch from Nevada, to London, to Paris. The Girl with the Sweetest Secret is simply put, interesting. The book takes you on an adventure that spans across multiple countries and brings so many interesting characters to life.

The mix of nationalities and language aside, The Girl with the Sweetest Secret is well written and incredibly entertaining. I enjoyed the book so much I am planning on reading the first book of the series. Betina Krahn has officially been added to my authors to watch list.

Best Bits:

  • That cover! I absolutely adore this cover! The colour scheme combined with the floral background looks so amazing! I know that if I was working in the library and saw this on the shelf, I would definitely pick it up!
  • That title! I kept waiting for a reference to the title to make an appearance and when it did, it did not disappoint ❤

Favourite Quote:

The Girl with the Sweetest Secret favourite quote

Recommendations: If you’re after a historical romance that breaks away from the pack, then The Girl with the Sweetest Secret is for you. The book was so interesting and well written, any fan of the genre should give it a go!

Please note: I received a copy of The Girl with the Sweetest Secret from NetGalley.

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