The Second Anticipated Arrival Rundown

Anticipated Arrived Rundown

In the time since posting my first Anticipated Arrival Rundown, I’ve finally read and watched two things on my list. Check out the below two items I’ve been waiting for and finally experienced ❤


The Dragon’s Hoard by Mell Eight.

Post: Anticipated Arrival: Mell Eight’s The Dragon’s Hoard.

I have previously read the first four short stories in this collection. I really enjoyed re-reading them and also loved the new stories included.

I have a weakness for any type of romance novel. If you make it an fantasy romance novel ever better. If it’s a fantasy romance novel with dragons, then you have a surefire winner!

I would really recommend The Dragon’s Hoard if you were after a bunch of quick and happy m/m romance reads <#


Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

PostAnticipated Arrival: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

OMG this movie was hilarious! There are so many references and so many funny moments in this film. Admittedly when I went to see this film, my partner and I were the only ones without a child but to be fair it is funny for adults too 😛

The ending of the film has stuck with me as one of the funnier moments as I barked out a laugh at the ‘ask your parents where babies come from’ line. In addition to the hilarity, there are so many references that cross the DC/Marvel/Disney divide! It was great seeing a film (other than Deadpool) that acknowledges the two different franchises.

Keep an eye out for more of these posts as I gradually experience what I have been so enthusiastic about. I can only hope that I enjoy every last one of them 🙂

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